61st TV Week Logie Awards 2019


Having some Sports Programs listed alongside some Current Affairs Programs is odd too (like The Front Bar, the AFL Footy Show and Sunday night with Matty Johns) They should be in the Entertainment Program award. More serious sports shows, like Offsiders, Sports Sunday etc should be included in this “Panel/Current Affairs” Award.

For the Lifestyle award - why is the Cooks Christmas Pantry listed (for a once off episode), but not listed for The Cooks Pantry Regular Season? And imagine if Changing Rooms gets nominated, despite being axed after a few episodes. That would be funny. lol


Yes, but irrelevant for Logies, assume they can choose the category they nominate a show in.3



Annette Sharp across the facts in her column about the relevance of The Logies and the credibility of the voting process.


Lost the plot? What does beer have to do with anything?