61st TV Week Logie Awards 2019


Having some Sports Programs listed alongside some Current Affairs Programs is odd too (like The Front Bar, the AFL Footy Show and Sunday night with Matty Johns) They should be in the Entertainment Program award. More serious sports shows, like Offsiders, Sports Sunday etc should be included in this “Panel/Current Affairs” Award.

For the Lifestyle award - why is the Cooks Christmas Pantry listed (for a once off episode), but not listed for The Cooks Pantry Regular Season? And imagine if Changing Rooms gets nominated, despite being axed after a few episodes. That would be funny. lol

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Yes, but irrelevant for Logies, assume they can choose the category they nominate a show in.3



Annette Sharp across the facts in her column about the relevance of The Logies and the credibility of the voting process.

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Lost the plot? What does beer have to do with anything?


The Logies Voting closes up in a weeks time. I have seen a few ads from Nine and Ten asking us to vote for their shows and cast. Who is airing the most ads to vote? lol. Still Nine for A Current Affair and Tracey Grimshaw? Ten with Studio Ten and Sarah Harris, or The Project ands its hosts?

They’re the 3 main ones I have seen in the first two weeks of voting (I haven’t seen much ads in the last week). Does Seven have any ads for us to vote for their shows?

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I’ve seen some for Amanda Keller

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Saw one for Julia Morris today.

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Glad they’re still going around, I guess :slight_smile:


Seven doesn’t care much for the Logies which is ironic given all the front covers and page space TV Week dedicates to Home And Away


Which surprises me a lot of late. You’d think they want to help let Home and Away win more Logies (going by the way they treat the show on TV Week). Since Ray Meagher’s Gold Logie in 2010, they seem to have let their guard down, for some reason.


Not let their guard down. More like don’t care. They see the Logie Awards being more a Nine show, than an industry show so don’t want to help a Nine show. They probably believe there is no benefit or value to winning a logie these days.


Saw Jo Griggs suggesting people vote for BH&G.


How’s Sam’s attitude towards the Logies and having to attend, maybe she should talk to network executives about getting them some “skin in the game” :roll_eyes:


She only has her network to blame for not promoting the network. Furthermore it’s not like any of their programs last year were quality programs that were popular and deserves to be nominated.

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Did you miss the sarcasm and the sarcastic use of emoticons?


Nope. It’s no secret that the Sunrise presenters have made comments about the need to attend the Logies before.


Don’t remember to vote by midnight tomorrow. It’s too late to vote early, so just vote often :wink:

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That’s right. Voting closes in less than 24 hours time. Oops to Lisa Wilkinson for leaving it to the last minute to get some votes in :stuck_out_tongue:

Then we do have to wait until late May to find out who the nominees are, and then wait late June to find out the winners (which is in 3 months time! Aaagh!)

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I haven’t remembered.

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