61st TV Week Logie Awards 2019


According to TV Tonight, the Most Popular Commercial category, although voted by viewers, will not be presented during the ceremony, but presented as a “Trade” award. That means viewers will have to rely on social media to find out the winner.


Seems odd. has it turned into a debacle with really strange entries by the ad agencies?

I don’t even know some of those ads. Some really odd choices for “Popular” ads.


Perhaps I’d like to see a return of Logie Awards for most popular male and female television personalities in each state (Anne Wills used to win it every year for SA), and for most outstanding contribution by a regional network!


I don’t think there are really any strong local TV personalities on a state-by-state basis these days outside of news services and perhaps weekend travel programs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not sure if there’d be any worthy winner of such an award in 2019, with local news bulletins just about the only regular productions that most regional networks have these days.


I suggest we all nominate Karl for Gold just to see how Nine handles the problem child when he proves to be more popular than any of the current presenters on the morning shows.


What a weird choice after they made a fuss about putting the award back into the show…


You can see every ad which has made the shortlist of Most Popular Commercial here


A sad list of nominees. I would say there are two, maybe three ads there that people would even say were popular let alone award winning.


I voted for Karl Stefanovic for Gold and presenter.


It’s ridiculous. The glaringly ridiculous inclusions are all the actors from Stan, Netfilx and Foxtel productions with tiny audiences but so many actors (and presenters) from the FTA networks with much bigger audiences missing out. Yet again.

Then there’s the cut off date for nominees extended to March. The fact that a show like Bad Mothers has only been on air for two weeks but can be included is ridiculous. There’s a young actor who has been in a handful of scenes yet he has a Most Popular New Talent nomination. :roll_eyes:

There should have been a cut off at the end of December so the awards are for all shows which aired in 2018.


Any chance Tom Gleeson would be up for doing another Logies campaign!?


Only for himself it seems :sunglasses:


Promoting Amanda during DWTS


Amongst the list of absent names are:
Tom Ballard, Dannii Minogue, Glenn Robbins, Shelley Craft, Richard Wilkins, Sam Newman, Liz Hayes, Ed Kavalee, Sam Pang, Mick Molloy, Stan Grant, Chris Bath, Mark Bouris, Tony Jones (both Nine & ABC presenters), Tom Steinfort, Sylvia Jeffreys, Sarah Ferguson, Patrick Abboud, Adam Liaw, Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft, Paul Barry, Scott Tweedie, Olivia Phyland, Ioan Gruffudd, Mirrah Foulkes, Remy Hii, Shareena Clanton, Kitty Flanagan, Shane Crawford, Tommy Little, Hamish McDonald, Laurence Boxhall, Robyn Butler, Mark Humphries, Miguel Maestre, Barry DuBois, Matt Moran, Anna Polyviou, Tom Parker-Bowles, Ricardo Goncalves, Basil Zempilas, Monique Wright, Justine Schofield.

Principal casts have been overlooked including Shark Tank (except for Sarah Harris), Studio 10 (except for Sarah Harris), Rake (except for Richard Roxburgh), The Heights cast (except Marcus Graham) Mad as Hell cast (except for Shaun Micallef), Escape from the City (except for Jane Hall), The Front Bar cast, AFL Footy Show cast (Eddie McGuire is listed for Hot Seat ), The Blake Mysteries (except for Nadine Garner) and casts for 60 Minutes , Whovians, The Checkout, and Invictus Games (Dylan Alcott is in New Talent for The Set ).

A number of shows are also absent. They include:
Interview with Andrew Denton, Dance Boss, Bondi Rescue, The Drum, Harrow, Buying Blind, Whovians, The Loop, Bodyhack, Invictus Games, Tomorrow Tonight, The Checkout, Tonightly with Tom Ballard, Family Feud, Think Tank, NRL Footy Show, Game of Games, Matter of Fact, Media Watch, The Mentor, Back with the Ex, Go Back to Where You Came From Live, Filthy Rich & Homeless, The Single Wives, Operation Live and ScreenPLAY.


I could not believe shows like Sunrise, Today, The Front Bar are in the same category as serious current affairs shows like Four Corners and 7.30.


Sunrise and Today not serious shows?


You don’t see the Cash Cow on Four Corners do you :stuck_out_tongue:


I would hope that some of the people who decide the winners of the ‘outstanding’ categories would’ve paid attention to Neighbours recently but I won’t hold my breath. Seems that if you’re in a soapy then it goes without saying that you can’t act. Wrong. Eve and Ryan have been outstanding recently but I doubt they’ll get any recognition. Same as Jackson Heywood/Brodie on H&A when he had his drug addiction storyline. He was absolutely brilliant and no doubt should’ve been at least nominated in this category but didn’t get a mention.




This thread is worth a read with Perter Helliar, Shaun Micallef, Tom Gleeson. Also # LogieTwitterWar