2SM 1269 Sydney


This is correct it is stereo at 2SM but Mono from 2HD at this stage… therefore anything coming out of 2HD such as Brent Bultitude is mono


So that suggests me to me that 2SM’s evening show comes out of Newcastle, the music is played out of Newcastle and so is mono, but the sweepers/imaging are stereo because they are inserted in Sydney?

Sounds quite odd, but being the “Super” Radio Network, nothing would surprise me there.


I thought Carter Edwards evening show Sat/Sun was from Newcastle & when Dave Sutherland ‘stands-in’ for Grant Goldman that the feed was also from Newcastle, but I’m not certain. I sometimes wonder if there’s any panel operators or techs available on the Carter Edwards program in late evening as I frequently hear technical issues such as long periods of silence etc. Yes be nice to have stereo for the music feed out of 2HD studios

Big hello to Bill C, the network needs some more of your $bills.


When 2HD has a local shift, the music is in stereo on FM 97.5 (their Port Stephens repeater).

Obviously the issue is the link back to Sydney.


Thanks for that. Good to know.

I was looking at Dave Sutherland’s Facebook page & looks like he regularly travels down to Sydney to fill in for ‘Goldie’ at Pyrmont.


The snap crackle pop sound seems to have improved on DAB for 2SM.


Though I am hearing a bit of an audible hum on ZOO Digital.

Other stations seem OK.


Any of you that hear this problem you post about, have you called 2SM: (02) 9660 1269?

What has been their response?


No I didn’t. Did not worry me enough to call in was more of an observation for me (with my ears :slight_smile:)


I’m in the same boat as @Laoma, I’m at work during business hours as well when their reception desk is (presumably) only staffed.

I don’t listen to it enough to want to complain.


Can’t say I’ve really listened that close recently, but are you 100% sure it is? I think that translator is fake stereo & always has been.

The 2HD studios have been mono only for many years now, that’s one of the reasons AM Stereo was dropped from 2HD, the studios got rewired & to save money they were only done in mono by using less wires. Now with everything being digital, mono or stereo or 5.1 surround sound all use the same amount of wires.

Brandon could confirm or deny that.

The BOG FM network uses a stereo satellite link, the BOG AM network uses a stereo satellite link, but the Left channel is used for mono program feeds & the Right channel is used for mono News feeds (or vice versa I can’t remember).

Again Brandon can confirm.


It’s been awhile since I’ve listened that closely.

I need to get in the car up that way when music is on to be sure, as at home, reception is quite static-ty since my line of sight to the north is heavily shielded.

But I’ll check again soon.


What year/era was that?


The sat has 4x Stereo Channels

1= FM Network in Stereo
2= AM Network in Dual Mono soon to be Stereo
3= News Dual Mono, Left is National News broadcast before top of hour, Right channel soon to be QLD News
4= Gorilla Digital in Stereo

I believe that 2HD is wired up stereo, The link from 2HD-> 2SM is sent in Opus Stereo. Where the mono happens is somewhere in Sydney but as to where it occurs I am not sure as I am yet to visit 2SM.

Also cost of maintenance to keep it Stereo, and also lack of staff with knowledge to do said maintenance


Out of interest why is Gorilla Digital distributed via satellite, is it being broadcast elsewhere?


what satellite?


The satellite you receive Australian signals on.

Gilbert’s show at night receives calls from listeners far beyond the terrestrial coverage as they’re listening via their DTH sat setup.


No not to my knowledge only online and on DAB in Sydney.
I believe and don’t quote me, but I believe it was for if network stations wanted to take some dance music on say, a Friday Night instead of the normal network programming.
Of course this never happened because the FM network are either local or taking Network programming.

What I reckon would have been awesome to do is to build a LPON network and give RAW FM some competition :smiley:


From the ads Raw are running it looks like they are trying to offload some surplus licences!


:thinking: there are a few…