2SM 1269 Sydney


Close… Hope Fabillar…

I remember hearing her reading news updates out of 2UE to regional stations back in the late 90s.

I thought she was quite good, she’s obviously had quite a bit of experience reading news.


I had the extreme misfortune to hear a Super network news update last weekend on 4GY, presumably from Sydney. I was completely gob smacked that it could sound so amateurish and it basically descended into gibberish. She pronounced words incorrectly and emphasized the wrong words in nearly every sentence, making it basically incoherent. A high school student could have done better.

Lol. I thought I was reading my own words. lol.
Your summation of the 2SM news listening experience is exactly how I would express it. And this isn’t a recent development either. It’s been going on for ages.
One could ask WHY dear Uncle Bill C employs these people.
Or maybe BC is oblivious to it all.
Yes we know he’s so tight with his pennies. Perhaps that’s the answer.
Cost savings before quality?


Get used to the amateurish sounding news service on Super Network. They’re currently advertising for Cadet Journalists. No doubt they’ll be on air reading bulletins within days of being recruited.


They sound more like work experience high schoolers than cadet journalist.


I used to read newspaper stories into a tape recorder when I was a kid in the 1980s. I still have the audio cassettes in a box somewhere and reckon I’d be a shoe in for a job if I sent them in to 2SM as audition tapes.


Even Humphrey B Bear could do a better job I reckon.


Well Humbrey B.Bear (HBB) wouldn’t mispronounce any words during the news would he - so maybe an improvement? We’d just have a lot of silence during the news service time. Actually, now that I think about it, that often happens with 2SM anyway during the the late night weekend time slots for the news. Mmm…I wonder if HBB is secretly employed as standby newsreader & we just weren’t aware of it!

Would luv to see a mock-up pic of HBB behind the studio mic with the 2SM logo on the mic - that would be priceless.


Ask in the mock thread, give them the idea on a platter and who knows what they can do.


Just saw this ad on WIN for a kit home manufacturer. Old Lawsie is sounding under the weather on this voiceover. From YouTube:


A bad day and the client wanted it ‘yesterday’. The cold read with no music bed reeks of sloppy production.

It sounds nothing like the read Laws voices for Paal that airs as a radio ad.

Listening to a variety of current Laws voiced commercials, they do have a variety to them.


2SM is now in stereo!!! (On DAB). I heard the acdc intro in stereo for talking sport…

Bring back rock of the 80s?


…and it’s actually native stereo audio, rather than some form of upconverted mono!

The in-studio audio for Talking Sport still sounds awful though!


Yeah agree its won’t attract any audiophiles for clear talkback audio :). They need to stick 2GB.


You mean the crap coming out of the presenter’s mouths or the audio in general? :rofl:


The audio in general, although one could argue a case for both!


Glad to hear 2SM is back in Stereo :wink:


I just happened to come across 2SM on DAB, and yes, heard some stereo for the imaging/sweepers, BUT, and I still can’t believe this, but the music is MONO (as they just played the appropriately named “I Love A Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbitt)… I don’t understand that…


Is it possible that the network programming feed for 2SM and the other AM stations might only be in mono?


If they can play the sweepers in stereo on DAB for a networked shift, I can’t see why they can’t also do that for music.


Maybe the shows from Newcastle are in mono.