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Discuss matters relating to the SRN/BOG-owned talk station in Sydney.

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Listened to Talkin’ Sport for a bit this afternoon after giving up on them last year and I must admit the station is sounding a little better with improved imaging. Even the newsreaders seem to have lifted their game a bit!


I haven’t really listened to 2SM for a while, but are they still using the same voiceover guy for pretty much every single promo and ID with On-Air Presenters voicing pretty much every single commercial?

If you ask me, that might be OK for regional radio but that sort of branding made/makes the station sound really low rent for one broadcasting into a major metropolitan media market like Sydney!


I was listening to Grant Goldman this morning when he broke a huge news story. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology reported today that “2015 was hotter than average and it was likely to be one of the hottest ten years on record”.
Grant told listeners that “this was a lie”. A government agency is lying? Falsifying records. I listened for the proof. Alan Jones would have spoken to a professor or climatologist.
Grant’s proof that a federal government agency was lying was that “he had to put an extra sheet on the bed last night”.
The once great 1270 2SM…now it’s Lite on the Facts 1269.


2SM never even rates in an overcrowded talk radio market like Sydney where 2GB reigns supreme.


2SM hasn’t even participated in ratings surveys for well over a decade now…


People listen to opinion radio (Alan Jones and Ray Hadley) when they believe that the announcers opinions are their true views. Alan Jones absolutely believes that:

  • climate change is rubbish
  • coal seam gas is damaging rural communities
  • Tony Abbot was the best PM Australia has ever had
    And Alan dead set hates Julia Gillard.
    Whilst I disagree with Alan on almost everything I listen to him as he is passionate. If Grant Goldman really believes that global warming is crap then he needs to give his listeners an argument beyond the fact that he needed to put an extra blanket on his bed in summer. It is just lazy opinion otherwise. It is “useless” free speech.
    Imagine being given the chance to speak your mind on the radio and the best you can come up with is such lame discussion.
    2SM has offered Sydney a lot in the past. Top 40 music (1270 2SM and the Rock of the 80s), smooth-style music (Lite’N’Easy 1269), country music (KICK AM) and classic hits (Gold 1269).
    I am not sure what they are offering Sydney at the moment.
    My rant is over. Unfortunately 2SM is still on air. I get the feeling that after a nuclear war 2SM would still be broadcasting. It has become virtually indestructible.


The problem is neither do they!

Despite what we say and think of 2SM you have to admire the fact that after all these years they are still on air be it in a sub community radio standard way.


Not to mention for poor Grant, that 2015 finished 6 days ago.


I actually think that 2SM could probably be a very serious competitor to the MRN stations if they got new management who knows how to run a metropolitan radio station properly, participated in ratings surveys, polished up their On-Air sound (everything from the branding to the general audio quality, which is so bad you can hear digital compression on AM if your reception is good enough) to beyond something on par with small market regional radio from 15-20 years ago, spend more than $20 on advertising…the list goes on really.

Of course all of that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon but I can dream, right? :smile:


To be honest part of the reason I occasionally listen to Talkin’ Sport is for the shear entertainment value of the amateurish production. I’m certainly not listening to it expecting an in depth sporting analysis from a panel of experts in a well produced radio talk show.

No I’m expecting a group of nobodies and has beens (Grahame Hughes is alright) taking calls from listeners who have clearly been on the drink all afternoon and dribble on about crap no one cares about all the while listening to ads from the Petersham RSL and Patonga Beach Hotel.

Hell the show even has a very lengthy and highly entertaining thread in the media section of the League Unlimited forums where it has a loyal following.

And to be honest I’m not alone, people listen and I’m talking 2SM in general now because it’s cringeworthy bad radio yet still highly entertaining.

Here’s to the next 50 years 2SM!


It’s not listed on their website as yet (but that’s not surprising) but by the sounds of some promos on 2SM, there’s a minor tweak to the evening lineup.

Crocmedia’s Sportsday Central has been added from 7pm-8pm which should be an interesting contrast to Talkin’ Sport which precedes it. This means Talk Tonight with Graeme Gilbert has been reduced by an hour to an 8pm-Midnight slot.

And I’m not sure if it’s a permanent change, but last Friday’s “A-League Live” went all the way to midnight, meaning Graeme got Friday off. Previously A-League Live finished at 11pm and Graeme covered the remaining hour until midnight.


If Mr Caralis has his head screwed on, he’d sell out and move out. Turn 2SM into a sport station - SEN 1269? ESPN Radio Sydney?


If the owner made the station and the programs that airs on it sound like something made for metropolitan radio in 2016 rather than rural radio from 15-20+ years ago, I reckon that a talkback-formatted 2SM could seriously challenge MRN in the ratings. But that’s very wishful thinking.

Aside from that, I do like the idea of a general sports station for Sydney. Yes, there’s Sky on 1017 but that’s just racing.


Is it just me or is the 2SM stream down?

Tired both TuneIn and the 2SM iOS app which was last updated in 2013!!!

Only the best for “Super Network”.


The AAC links at 2smsupernetwork.com/listen-live work for me. Why you’d want to listen to it, that’s another story.


Thanks it came good later that night.


Carter Edwards is running for One Nation in the seat Dobell on the NSW Central Coast. He was a feature on The Chaser’s Election Desk tonight.


In case anyone is wondering yes Graeme Gilbert still receives India prank calls to this day!


Seriously this is still a thing? At least find a new punchline… it’s been years…