2SM 1269 Sydney


Can’t remember it was way back when 2HD morning’s were local, before they networked Laws/Steve Price from 2UE, wasn’t long before the networked mornings started though, so probably around 1995-96 about when NEWFM moved into the Sandgate Studio Complex?

I can’t even remember who used to do that local morning show Kristy ? was co-host.

Radio History

Warren Moore and his then partner Kristie Atkins?


Yeah it was Kristie Atkins, I think it might have been Warren Moore?


It’s back :smile:. Snap crackle pop that is.


Are they 2SM’s new presenters? No one listens to them, they can go under the radar in a massive way. :wink:


At least one person does, as evidenced above :smile:


Haha yeah. I hate to admit , I like my dose of talkin sport.:wink:


I knew there was another topic I was meant to raise (again).
Thank you Laoma.
Yes I noted our annoying mates (or new cadets) ‘snap crackle & pop’ back at it again this past Sat/Sun evening on 2SM DAB+.
Couldn’t tolerate anymore than a few seconds of listening.
So I guess I plead guilty of occasional 2SM listening as well, …as I timidly raise my hand.

Really makes one wonder how many listeners 2SM has on DAB+ doesn’t it? … when these faults go on for
so long…
Time for a message to Gordo92, see if he can assist.


I had a listen tonight too, and yes, that crackling sound is really bad.

It’s on 3 of the 2SM DAB stations - 2SM, Dance Super Digi and ZOO.

Only FUN seems unaffected.

Which is weird, I was thinking it must be a link problem (to the TX) with so many stations affected.

EDIT: The audio just cut out on FUN for a brief second - so it’s not without fault either.
This isn’t a new problem, it’s been around before too.


Making the phone call to the Sydney tech as I write this :slight_smile:


Just spoke to the tech in Sydney and the issue is out of our hands as the feed going into the DAB gear is clean… The issue has been raised with the providers of the DAB Transmission in Sydney and it is hoped it is fixed soon.

Thanks for the heads up everyone


Thank you! Interesting only 2sm seem to have more issues than other stations :slight_smile: Thank you so much gordo92 as being the only listener in this forum, I can temporarily listen to it online or god forbid an am radio. Though the ads are in mono but I can live with that :grinning: .

BTW do the radio station need to pay to be a part of the Radioapp. The super radio network are the one network that is not in the app. I assume it costs too much.


Something I’ve noticed before is that the 2SM stream is available on the Digital Radio Plus website, but while the three digital stations are listed when you press the listen button there is an error message “no stream available”. It’s been like that for a while. Have to wonder why it’s like that.


Yes, I rarely come across any DAB issues from other networks, mostly just the 2SM stations.


Looks like the DAB audio issues have been fixed (for now anyway).

Haven’t noticed any glitches of any kind in the 15 mins or so I spent listening to the 2SM DAB stations tonight.

Thanks also to @gordo92 for his help in getting this sorted.


Yes I had 2sm on last night driving home and it sounds better. Thanks @gordo92


I know this has mentioned before, I noted for Brett’s afternoon show, the songs are in Mono.


Yes, apparently the link from 2HD to the network is mono. I have noticed on 2SM DAB some stereo imaging eg sweepers is inserted there in between the mono songs.


The audio from the 2HD studio is stereo this is then fed to a Tieline between 2HD and Sydney and uses OPUS Stereo…
The mono audio conversion is somewhere in Sydney… where about’s is anyone’s guess…


Thanks for the correction!