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Of course he does and yes, they still wear skirts. He really plays up this quirk from time to time.


Anyway I prefer Laws to Ray if I am in the mood for talkback. Not much choice these days.


Andrew Hornery in the SMH has written that there are indeed rumours that Alan Jones could move to 2SM under a profit sharing arrangement with Bill Caralis.

Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

Please please please be true.

A move to 2SM would also mean he’d take his team with him - which would lift the sound of the station immensely.

It would be a game changer for Sydney radio, Australian radio and the history of radio (with a rebirth of 2SM’s success).

Make it happen Bill.


Would be bad for Hadley. Alan will take his audience with him and they’ll probably stick around for Laws just like the old days.


Does this actually happen?


The story goes that while 2SM itself may not make a profit, that overall the Super Network does make a profit by heavily networking 2SM. If 2SM has Alan Jones I have no doubt it would be profitable.


Do people here think 2SM would finally re-join the official ratings surveys if Alan Jones moved to the station? Or would they continue to not bother (potentially rendering Sydney radio ratings surveys useless) as they have despite John Laws having been on the station for about eight years now?


I think there would be a good chance of 2SM rejoining the ratings as I think Alan Jones would want to be able to boast about the size of his audience. Laws rates reasonably well in Newcastle. Hopefully there would be a bit of a on-air overhaul if Jones joined, with some of the programs being replaced, in particular Graeme Gilbert.


I think the main question would be what they do on the wider Super Network. They’d need the show across the whole network in breakfast to make a money split worthwhile for Alan Jones - but that’s where they currently have all their local shifts.

Would you see them drop/move Talking Sport and have local drive shifts instead?


Coffs Harbour and Orange still have their local shows from 12:00 - 3:00 pm, don’t they, and take Grant Goldman for breakfast. Maybe that could happen across the AM network.


While this isn’t something I’d doubt for a second, it has to be said that 2SM generally boasts about the size of their audience for The John Laws Morning Show in alternative ways. Remember those dodgy Microsoft Office quality ads that sometimes appear in The Daily Telegraph boasting about Lawsie’s online listening figures? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree.

As far as I understand my Sydney radio history, 2GB was repositioned around the time Jones & Hadley joined the station with presenter changes in other timeslots (Brian Wilshire & Jim Ball being the only weekday presenters that retained their timeslots during the transition AFAIK). The overall branding seemed to be repositioned too, from “873 2GB, The Talk of Sydney” to “2GB 873AM” complete with slightly tweaked logo and I’d presume, a completely refreshed sound to 2GB’s on-air branding at the time.

If SRN/BOG are serious about making 2SM a genuine force in Sydney radio again, I think a 2GB 2002-like relaunch of the station would be needed. Keep Lawsie on from 9am to midday, but otherwise bring in some new presenters and also refresh the branding so it sounds professional rather than cheap.

Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but doesn’t 2RE also have some form of afternoon show?


I think you meant 2PM (Radio 531/93.5) in Port Macquarie. Last time I tuned in to the station whilst in Coffs Harbour back in June last year, they were carrying the Brent Bultitude afternoon program rather than their only local program. 2HC Coffs, on the other hand, was broadcasting its own local program.


Ahh, I’ve just checked the website. Along with having a breakfast show, 2RE seems to have a local drive show on between 3pm & 6pm in place of Talking Sport - that must’ve been what I heard while flicking though the FM band in Harrington a couple of years ago! :slight_smile:

Anyway I agree with what’s been said by Moe a few posts back: If Alan Jones were to join 2SM, his breakfast show would most likely be heard across all 20 regional AM stations of the Super Radio Network with the sole local shift on most (if not all stations) being afternoon or drive.


Surely they could network breakfast and local shifts could do 12pm onwards?

2SM 1269 - The Talk of Sydney would be a decent rebrand if they were to get Jones. Just a shame for them that both Jones and Laws are so old they wouldn’t be around that much longer.


We all hoped for change when Laws joined.



We’ve speculated as a group here the same possibility, however remote that Jones could move to 2SM. Printing it in the Herald doesn’t give it any further chance of happening.


From what I’ve heard, Jones & Laws hate each other, the love was lost years ago, so if Jones goes to 2SM, Laws will probably go.
If that was to be the case maybe Jones would take mornings & go head to head with Hadley?
If Jones did network Breakfast, he probably wouldn’t do 2HD Newcastle, I don’t think he’s very well liked in Newy, current breakfast rates reasonable, I don’t think Jones would rate at all.
If Jones did network breakfast, then local afternoons would probably be best bet.


Or they’ll hire security to keep them apart during shift changes.:wink:


Jones could do his show from The Toaster or Fitzroy Falls, or Laws could do his show from the Finger Wharf, so they have no contact.