2SM 1269 Sydney


Looks like 2HD does not have a live stream… Or is it just me? Was curious if it was in stereo.


No, 2HD does not stream online, and neither does New FM (which used to stream for a while, but has since discontinued).


It’s a shame that only their Sydney stations stream.

Hopefully this will change before long.


I notice listening to 1269 am today on talkin sport, the mono is only the right channel. So when the show ended bohemian rhapsody you missed some of the audio from the left channel.


I just heard a song on 2SM DAB and it was… wait for it… in STEREO!

Yes, hearing Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman” in stereo bought back faint memories of the “Rock Of The 80s” 2SM (despite being a 1976 song, but is probably about as “rocky” as 2SM will get).

What next… song Info? I can only dream


Which show played the song? Talkin sport? I am watching parra vs st George on foxtel from April 1993. There are 2ws 1224 billboards , Memories. Hits and Memories to be precise. :slight_smile:. Off topic sorry guys.

Radio History

It was only a few minutes before I posted that message, so “Talk Tonight”, the song concluded with an advisory message that the Ulmarra ferry was out of action :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s useful for people in Sydney…


Come on NRN, I’m sure some Clarence Valley listeners of “Talk Tonight” via 2GF appreciated that message! :slight_smile:

Totally irrelevant for Sydney though, I agree.


No different to Hadley giving out traffic information on his show when it gets networked out.

Really wish these guys edit out those unhelpful references, or even have a local cutaway…


Agreed. 100%


Things do happen in the Super Radio Network believe it or not… The orginal issue was that 2SM was encoded on the DAB MUX Mono, would have only been a matter of changing the config to Para Stereo or D-Stereo

4GR gets the Sydney traffic, have often asked the techs why they don’t use the pulse to play their own traffic… but apprently they don’t get a traffic pulse from 2GB… I know for a fact in my time working for MML that they send out Pulses with their network programming from MML Syndication… Therefore I am not sure why SCA don’t get the traffic pulse… See image below from the MML Syndication Pulse Log

Either way this is off topic from 2SM :wink:


Which techs are you asking? Local in Toowoomba or network?
I have a theory that the pulses get ignored/lost in SCA’s system…

For Ray Hadley’s program to get to Toowoomba, it takes the following path:
MML Syndication uplink the program to the Satellite. That satellite signal is received at SCA’s Albury Hub, where it goes through a studio (allowing a panel op to override anything) before being sent into SCA’s SCAsat distribution network. Toowoomba then receive the program off the SCAsat network.

This means that if Albury don’t do anything with the traffic pulse, there will be no pulse sent to their local stations.


My guess would be that is what is going on then

Past 2 local techs


Next time, curious to know the AM coverage in this area, never found GB or BL to have problems, but what of further up the band?


Did not bring my am radio, next time I will although should tried my car radio… From memory 2sm struggles a bit.


Grant Goldman was on the big screen at the Kings vs Bullets match (Mike is the MC). Apparently he looks great in a skirt. :thinking::joy:
It was his birthday, it was mentioned during the game, he was also one of the early courtside announcers of the Kings. Like father, like son I suppose?


I wonder why John Laws does not use 131269 for his dial in number. The long 1300 number very hard to remember.


1300 JOHN LAWS (56 46 52)

Initial intention to have a number for syndication, in keeping with Laws’ star quality to be about him rather than the station.

Remember, Laws still rates #1 or #2 or in Newcastle, the largest market he’s surveyed. Like it or not, there’s still a large audience.

Laws’ show is vastly different to his ‘at or near the top’ days at UE. Far more relaxed, less news, less rigour. I’d like to see the producers research more, provide more structured content, then again, that’s up to Laws in the end.


He’s probably operating with a few less hand maidens than he was in his days at 2UE. Does he still refer to them as hand maidens or has he finally decided to step into the 21st century?