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Moved on to bigger and better projects and business. It’s great being different, it gives me the creative freedom to deliver highly engaging journalism, get interviews others may not and let’s face it, who wants to be part of the sheeple. Not sure if I should be thankful or offended being called a millennial - but I’m one of the most experienced beauty and lifestyle editors in the country and have worked as an editor on large scale media sites and some of the best known publications.
Let me know if you have any freelance opportunities and I’ll take a look at them.


Curious use of the term sheeple - are you inferring that tendaily wasn’t being innovative enough to lead the market?


I’m not saying anything about the project at all which will no doubt do wonderful, innovative things if it’s not already. I was responding to the comment that I was ‘ … different’.


I’m 48.


And more than that I was answering the questions in this thread as to whether I resigned or not.
I did. And it was by choice and for my own reasons.
So I can’t imagine there’s much need to discuss it further.


just understand memes (not the ‘normie’ memes every person and their dog on Facebook posts) and yeah you could be millennials. Probably a good place to start is 4chan.org/pol for some of that.

also my name Jeff

Random Thread

I’ll check that out! :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally agree, good luck on your future endeavours.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Not often that an insider takes the opportunity to give their own version of events so I appreciate it.


Content being shot for tendaily on an iPhone?


I saw a journalist at the courts photographing a judge as he walked into the building with his phone the other day. What’s the issue?


With the quality of phones these days it’s not uncommon for videos to be shot & edited on them for this kind of purpose. It’s cheap & effective for what they need :ok_hand:t3:


The entertainment section of ten daily is sponsored by Arnott’s ’ TV Snacks’

Also, it looks like they have started adding news show & content on the site - https://tendaily.com.au/shows/theproject


It was only a matter of time until they realised it’s a waste having two similar sites competing and confusing viewers.

Same should be said about 7Plus and Yahoo!7… just stick with one digital brand I say.


I disagree, news sites and catch up services are two very seperate things but execution and integration of them can make all the difference.

Ten’s plan was always to migrate all news content across to ten daily from Studio 10, Ten Eyewitness News & The Project so it’s not surprising that this has happened and was always a case of when not if after launch.

Tenplay will always be their catch-up site and because, until now, has been the only website for the network since it’s inception all of their content has been posted and hosted on there. Full episodes of each show and feature stories will still be hosted on tenplay to catch up on and ten daily will still be posting short form video content and written pieces as is the sites main aim.

Do I think it could be executed better like 9’s digital presence where nine.com.au is the hosting platform and main website for all their digital brands which spin off from there, absolutely - but Ten are getting back in this space and any progress is good for them at the moment.


I saw a digital roadside billboard this morning on my way to work in Brisbane, good to see some further promotion for the site outside of their own various channels.

Also, they are currently advertising on seek for a Senior News Reporter for the Melbourne and Perth news rooms reporting into the ten daily News Editor based in Sydney plus the local News Manager of the station.

From both job advertisements:

"The successful candidate will contribute to the daily news mix, filing high quality copy on a variety of news topics, including national and international headlines, politics, crime, opinion as well as sport. The reporter will oversee the editing of the ten daily homepage during set shifts and manage our local social media channels.

The ideal candidate will be a self-starting journalist with experience working in a deadline-driven digital newsroom. The role will also work closely with the Ten Eyewitness News teams, supporting the bulletins and our programs such as The Project and Studio Ten".


Hugh Riminton’s partner writing for ten daily.


ten daily getting Bachelorfied ahead of the next season starting on Wednesday.


EDIT: Bachelor recaps start after tonight’s episode.


ten daily live interview today by Sandra Sully, much better than the last one that they did with Sam Dastiyari which looked like it was in a corridor at Pyrmont and lots of noises etc.

Great choice of location overlooking the atrium, but I’m still not sure why when they’re in the newsroom they wouldn’t just get them mic’d up properly and get a camera upstairs and some lighting so it looked more professional than a microphone plugged into a phone and a strange downwards angle to the video.