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Moving the rather entertaining banter about yours truly to a more relevant thread…

I wish I had a set-up like that. In reality, it’s more of a case of having multiple tabs open in my browser and being a quick typer!


Ferg: What if I told you, we’re living inside a computer-generated illusion and in the real world we’re number one.

Mel: Does that also explain your personality?


I never pictured you as a bald guy but I have often wondered if you monitor Media Spy 24/7 given I get an almost instantaneous like most times I post something. I worry when you go MIA for long periods or consider I posted something that offended you if you don’t give a like. I only like a post if someone has tickled my funny bone, I agree with what was said or appreciate someone has gone to the trouble to reply to one of my posts with well reasoned arguments.


That’s a relief, because I do have a full head of hair!

Although it’d be nice to sometimes (if it were at all possible), I don’t monitor Media Spy 24/7.

Aww, I really appreciate those comments.

I’m not one to go as far as selecting favourite members on this forum, but in no particular order I do rather enjoy the input of yourself and other members such as Radiohead, TV-Expert, TelevisionAU, Abesty (who’s recent efforts of recording regional TV from various places across the country is nothing short of amazing) & TV.Cynic who’ve all made an outstanding contribution to the forum over the years.

My main media interest is in TV/radio particularly from a Sydney perspective but at the same time, I’m still rather interested in what’s happening in other regions across NSW and Australia. It’s through this interest both here and elsewhere online that I’ve learnt (and am continuing to learn) a lot about the Australian media landscape and to some extent, the local coverage areas in general! :slight_smile:


Sometimes I think I’ve been here too long and have run out of things to say. I still enjoy the banter and contributions made by people such as yourself and those you mentioned but dislike the repetitive nature of some other contributions.

I’ve always had a passion for all things media but find I’ve become annoyed by the direction media is heading in this country. The concentration of ownership at a time when our population is expanding bewilders me. I consume far less local content than I used to and find I look further afield to be entertained and informed these days. TV, radio and print all seem to be lacking the innovation, quality and creativity that were evident in the past



That can Jeff right off.


I’m not matlock but…



Oh my…


When a sneaky :b: ruins the trifecta


Why don’t you arrest him for being a B, whilst he enjoys his succulent Chinese meal. While you’re at it, you can touch his limp penis. :rofl:

Democracy manifest people.






:b:️:b:️ :eggplant: :stuck_out_tongue:


Imma finna :b:️outa :b:️eet on them :weary::weary::weary::weary::joy::joy::joy::joy:




This profile picture is sure a thing of beauty!


Time to up your game meme boys, ABC giving you a run for your money.


They really aren’t, This format is a terrible meme - almost as bad as Ugandan Knuckles. They don’t understand the meme either. It’s meant to be heavily ironic and in this case they’d be saying that the drum is actually trash (like how a car salesmen is trying to sell us a shit car). This is legit fellow kids shit, get this filth out of my sight.

I mean jEFF