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because Ten Daily doesn’t have any cameras or operators. But isn’t there a fixed studio camera up there somewhere?


If not, maybe it should. Perhaps they could get inspiration from our members:



But it’s part of the Ten News division, right? They collaborate on projects and Ten journalists contribute to the site etc. One would’ve just thought they would share some resources where possible and to compliment each other I guess.


No. they are their own unit. They do collaborate, but unless it’s vision shot for the news… it’ll be on a phone.

that’s the style they want apparently, millenials will get it, and not care about quality.


Fair enough.


I think if its done on station…do it properly! Use a news camera, light it and mic talent up! Its just lazy shooting it on the phone. Its a TV station for gods sake! People do want quality! If it looks mickey mouse people wont want to watch!


But (most) people don’t mind watching that quality online.

If it was being broadcast on TV I take your point but people are used to watching video with a bit of a raw edge online (Facebook Lives, Periscope, Instagram videos etc) and more than willing to watch content that is a bit rough around the edges (I think the video posted above is perfectly fine).


But most of those videos on instagram and periscope are individuals and not TV networks. If they want to shoot it on a phone…at least do it in a well lit room!


ten daily kicks a big goal with new Sport Editor
Plus, Lifestyle Editor and Social Media Editors also appointed

Network Ten’s news site ten daily has announced the appointment of Walkley Award-winning journalist, Anthony Sharwood as Sports Editor.

ten daily has also announced two more appointments with Natasha Lee joining the team as Lifestyle Editor and Lawrence Champness coming board as Social Media Editor.

Annoucement: https://images.tenplay.com.au/~/media/Corporate%20Site%20Media/Files/Media%20Releases/2018/180918%20ten%20daily%20editorial%20appointments.pdf



Ten Daily is hiring for two more senior news reporters in Melbourne and Perth.


Might have to get this thread renamed.


There was a 10 daily tie in during The Bachelorette tonight, the First I’ve seen in a while since MasterChef / Shark Tank and the first in the new style.



ABC’s Q&A retweeing a 10 daily article online.



News, but not as you know it.


A rubbish headline from 10daily claiming ONJ’s family broke their silence. Her mnagement and family responded to the false stories within a day, so there was no silence to break.


Using garbled slang doesn’t increase 10’s credibility.