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Surprised there’s been no cross promotion between TenDaily and this leather muppet…



I note they had promos for the site which also included some feature content. It is good they promote it. Shame they still cannot promote their news.


I saw 2 x promos last night, one during MasterChef promoting an interview with Nigella and the 2nd one during Shark Tank promoting an interview with Steve Baxter. They looked and sounded quite good!


During The Project tonight


Some examples of original short form content available on the website:


Tim Gossage doing a sports brekky wrap video this morning for ten daily.




nah he’s on 6ix for the breakfast shift, can’t do it


ten daily’s ‘brekky wrap’ now in video form also


Well that didn’t last long, the sites Lifestyle Editor Kelly Baker has already left Ten and is now freelancing.


Do we know why? Was she sacked, did she resign, was she made redundant? Surely it isn’t a sign of failure just yet.


not redundant… can’t speak for the other two.


I don’t know for sure, but based on her socials it seemed to be her decision. Maybe she wasn’t the right fit or didn’t like the direction of the site? She seems a little… different and I’m honestly not surprised by this.


Probably another millennial with no emotional intelligence and can’t handle a structured work environment. Really a blight on our society. It really is impossible to hire people under 30 these days.


She’s actually probably in her 40 or 50’s with kids. She has had lots of previous roles in a similar capacity, most recently at 9Mum’s which is part of Nine’s 9Honey platform for about 2 years and roles with Bauer before that.


Hell of a take.

I mean, it’s completely wrong and without any research but I admire the hotness of the take nonetheless.


Single mother in her 40s.



Off topic but…

I’ve seen quite a few of them in recent times however I’ve worked with some of that generation who are personable, willing to learn and have a great work ethic. I greatly admire a couple of the young guys currently working under me for what they’ve been able to achieve but I fear they may soon be moving on. I sense your frustration, though, as I’m currently dealing with a few new hires that think work is purely a social exercise and a place where you can fill the day on social media. They drive me insane. It doesn’t matter how carefully you vet some candidates, they still turn out to be a bad fit for a role and fail to live up to the promise they showed in interviews and through reference checks.


You’ve summarized my overall point quite succinctly. It really is hard to hire decent graduates that want to work hard. They are few and far between. Overall they lack work ethic, critical thinking skills, appropriate communication skills and it really is hard to find good people that will put in the effort.

Anyway we digress…