Your Money


Yes and no… this is a joint venture company where each partner brings certain things to the equation. Spectrum would obviously be one of Nine’s contributions as well as some backend functions.

Sky and NewsCorp offer business journalism expertise, facilities and a speiclised work flow.

As for making money, TV is just part of the equation, arguably one that isn’t likely to hugely profitable. Digital exploitation of content and opportunities for native advertising is where the money will be.



Judging from the EPG Foxtel should be running the Your Money loop from 8:30pm AEST.



As predicted the loop is now running on 601:



Spot the error with the channel’s Twitter header



LOL, Your Money is “pumping it out via Prime” as Tim Bailey might say! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



don’t forget we also have CNBC Australia



CNBC Australia is a branding exercise.

There’s an hour or two of local programming and an ASX focussed ticker.

The Australian programming fill early morning space on CNBC Asia, so it’s not even directed at a local audience.

Calling it a local business channel is a bit of a stretch.



Sky News Business Channel countdown and bulletin

Channel launch promo

Brooke was there 10 years ago too

All the gang getting ready for the launch in 2008

In 2008 the on air team liked to dance

A little bit of history as Sky News Business leaves our screens




9HD launched on the same day as everyone else, same as 9Life.


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9HD did, which I got wrong earlier in this thread. But there are plenty of sources here and elsewhere online that confirm 9Life did not begin in Darwin at the same time as the rest of the Nine Network.

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Including an email I received from the general manager of Nine Darwin in November 2015, stating delays due to unforeseen circumstances and at the time could not confirm a launch date for 9Life in Darwin



On the night before launch the video bit rates are:

9 3.66
90 3.63
92 3.26
93 3.26
94 3.90
95 1.79 - appears to be a static allocation

Loop picture quality is poor plus there is little detail or motion in much of the content (so it doesn’t need a high bit rate), so interested to see what happens when the channel goes live.

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I would hope Your Money will be available on the 9Now app. WE SHALL FIND out.

CNBC Australia is nothing but a retake of the CBS World feed which focuses on the Asian market and with a few Aussie market related stuff into it. Honestly don’t know why they just have an CBC Asia or CBS World instead of having one here.



Your Money is now on the air on FTA Channel 95 and Foxtel channel 601.



I really like the graphics package - how Sky News looks so bad when they can produce something like this is baffling.

I suppose I will need to see some of the prime time programming, but for now it still feels like Sky News Business - with nothing obvious in the short time I have watched so far that hints at trying to make it suitable for a more general audience.

That’s probably a good thing, but there’s a very limited audience for that kind of content, so I still don’t get Nine getting involved here.



Via the Your Money stream available now on 9now.



Those graphics looks great! As mentioned, it’s baffling how Sky News looks like shit yet this looks sleek.



Because they weren’t designed by Sky… it’s Nine’s creative



Way too much white on the set. Looks too clinical. Too bright, at least in the tight shots of hosts and guests. I need to wear sunglasses. :sunglasses:

The panellists look too washed out now. I’d use more of the bluish greens in the background and avoid the white at the top.

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Some different colours and fonts but it’s basically just a rebadged Sky News Business. At least they haven’t dumbed down the daytime content.

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