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Weird that it replaces Sky News Business, while seemingly dumping all of its rolling business news content. Wonder if they’ll even bother including it in the ratings - if there wasn’t enough viewership for Nine to keep around Money or Business Sunday, I can’t see this being much viewed.

WIN certainly seem to have made the better deal.

Wonder if this will result in Fox Business being added to the Foxtel line up.

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The AFR reporting that the new channel will be based at the News Corp headquarters in Holt St.

It doesnt make sense to replace Sky News Business channel? How odd… unless they’re going to move the opening market shows and closing market shows to the new channel? … Doesn’t sound like it.

i wonder though about the demographics of sky business - I have some contact with the finance sector and it seems most places i’ve been to have either CNBC or Bloomberg on - and thats if they have anything at all, as most traders and people who “need to know” would have a bloomberg terminal and get the news straight away

Put out your Ab Circle Pros


David Knox at TV Tonight has this wrong. Holt St didn’t open in November, Sky News Business relocated to Holt St in November.

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Seems like the channel will continue Sky Business’ trading day coverage:

Named “Your Money”, the channel will feature dedicated business and economics news, personal finance discussion and luxury lifestyle programming.

It will also cover high-end real estate; major stock market moves and live coverage of the trading day.

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Have to agree, also Ten aired Business Week in late 1980s to early 1990s, albeit its axing was probably more to do production costs than viewer appetite - mind you it was moved around on Sunday mornings (I think it ended up airing at 7am in most markets) prior to Video Hits and the Ten Network version of Face To Face (pre-Meet The Press)

I wonder if we will get this in SC9 land?

Does anybody actually like the name of this new channel?

At least it’s not “Sky News Your Money Your Business First Edition”


Or 9YourMoney

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Is there any indication the Nine-Fairfax merger could delay/cancel this?

The website still exists indicating an October launch - I suppose that will be well before a Fairfax deal would close, but I wonder if they’ve talked about what would happen if Nine end up owning Fairfax, and in turn the Financial Review.

I thought there already was an announcement declaring existing contracts will be honoured and shows remain.

Unfortunately for the team (who have much more merit than their sister channel PM colleagues) … I don’t believe this channel will last long on FTA.

Why would Nine continue to promote News Corp interests when they’re purchasing their major competitor?

2 Years MAX.