Your dream TV network


Ten are certainly facing an identity crisis. They have the core of their programming there, I think the reason most are remodelling their schedule is the fact that they are one of the few networks willing to take a risk. It seems that everyone knows what Ten need to do in order to compete with Seven and Nine, whether they can realise that is the question.


Very well said, especially that last line. They really need to wake up out of hibernation and realise what they need to do


Nice mock schedule Zac, giving Matt White a key role at Ten is a must. Since he moved there, it seems he hasn’t been given any big roles other than as the face of Ten’s Motorsport coverage.

I quite like your daytime programming. Midday with Ita Buttrose sounds great, something other networks should do - I’d love to one day see Nelson Aspen have his own daytime show on Seven. Also, reviving Ready Steady Cook is a great idea. They seem to have a very loyal audience so it wouldn’t be much of a risk. Maybe Peter Everett could come back as host?


Bring back Matt Doran and give Hamish McDonald another permanent role


Completely agree with you @Nicholas, always liked Hamish on Ten Late News, and Matt was well suited for sports coverage.

@R17TV, I’m glad you like it, and I bet a lot of viewers would too. I was focusing on a decent Daytime schedule. [quote=“R17TV, post:44, topic:2388”]
giving Matt White a key role at Ten is a must. Since he moved there, it seems he hasn’t been given any big roles other than as the face of Ten’s Motorsport coverage.
[/quote] Agree too, as I said ten has the best TV personalities but are way too under used, like Jess Rowe, Ita Buttrose, Denyse, Jono, Matt etc


My question was purely something to think about rather than a ‘call for action’ regarding a new game being created. In saying that, I wouldn’t mind playing in or being involved in setting up a new version if such a thing was to happen.

In regards to the game I was referring to, it known as U-TV and held during 2007. Apart from that, I don’t remember anything about it as well - maybe others might remember more about it.


Sports Tonight.


I would base my “dream” TV channel on Nine.

Mainly on the strength of their news, NRL and cricket coverage.

Things I would change:

9-10am: Shorten “Today Extra” to 1 hour. (Drop all of the advertorials).
10am - Bring back “Here’s Humphrey” (30 mins)
10.30 - Bring back “Curiousity Show” (30 mins)
11am - Nine Morning News to be 1 hour again

1pm - Bring back an American soap (Days Of Our Lives maybe?)
2pm - ??? Reality repeats might be OK here.

7pm - Bring Back “Sale Of The Century” (dump ACA).

One game of NRL on Saturday nights.

Get a “Full Frontal” or “Comedy Inc” style show back at 9.30pm one night a week (1 hour).
Find a regular timeslot for 60 Minutes (doesn’t necessarily have to be Sunday nights).
I’d like to see a serious motoring show (I don’t mean an Australian version of Top Gear). 9.30pm one night a week 1 hour.


A Few Ideas for Ten…

6am Eyewitness News This Morning - With Anjali Rao
8.30am Studio 10 with Sarah Harris, Joe Hilderbrand, Jessica Rowe and Denise Drysdale. Ita joins the panel occassionally (think Barbara Walters and The View)
12pm Eyewitness News at Midday - With Tarsh Belling
5pm Eyewitness News: First at Five
6pm Family Feud
6.30pm The Project
10.30pm Eyewitness News Late with Narelda Jacobs ** Live from Perth **
11pm Uplate with Tommy Little

6.30pm The Weekend Project with Hamish, Gorgi and Joel Creasey

Will flesh out a bit more tomorrow…


I might suggest that anyone with purely mock schedules should post them here: Mock Schedules

I interpreted this thread as being intended more for a complete mock channel/network scenario, not just schedules, but also including graphics, presentation, personnel, etc.?


Then where’s ACA and Tracy Grimshaw?


My 4 News Opener Mock


I have decided to come up with an idea for a new Aussie FTA network - 4.

4 will be driven by a high-quality news service with bulletins throughout the day. They will offer some points of difference by starting their tentpole realities at 7pm, dedicating themselves to high-quality Australian drama television series and have the only commercial news bulletin after 7pm.

5am - 4 News: Early Edition
6am - 4 This Morning
9am - Mornings
Noon - 4 News at Noon
1pm - Afternoon Movie
3pm - The Nelson Aspen Show (N.B. syndicated in USA)
4pm - 4 News: Afternoon Edition
5pm - Game Show Hour (Jeopardy! and Pyramid)
6pm - 4 News at 6
7pm - Tentpole Reality (Sun-Wed)
9pm - 4 News at 9
10pm - Up Late with Ronny Chieng

8pm - Would I Lie To You?/Thank God You’re Here/Australia’s Big Debate
8pm - Australian Drama
8pm - 20/20
8pm - Australian Drama
7pm - Lifestyle Programming (Australia’s Best Homes/Australia’s Best Gardens/The Zoo - Australia Zoo obsdoc)
8pm - Obs-Docs (Cops/Flying Doctors/Emergency Ward)

Reality offering includes: Comedy Showcase, The Apprentice, Big Brother, Are You the One?, Stranded with $500,000 Dollars and The Amazing Race

The network will only run one FTA channel but will have a streaming service to rival Netflix and Stan.


My Channel Nine mock rundown:

5am - Nine’s Early Morning News With Lara Vella (Fill in presenters include Tim Davies, Airlie Walsh, Kate Creedon & Amber Sherlock)
5.30am - Today With Karl Stefanoic, Lisa Wilkinson, Alicia Loxley (News), Ben Fordham (Sport & ’ The Buzz ') & Richard Wilkins (Showbiz)
9am - Mornings With Steven Jacobs & Emma Freedman
11am - Nine’s Morning News Hour With Amelia Adams (Mon-Thurs) Alicia Loxley (Friday) (Fill in presenters include Sylvia Jeffreys, Casey Lawrence, Sophie Walsh, Deborah Knight & Tom Steinfort)
12pm Movie
1.30pm - Nine News Now - With Sylvia Jeffreys (Mon-Wed) & Sophie Walsh (Thurs & Fri) (Fill in presenters include Deborah Knight, Jayne Azzopardi,Tom Steinfort & Casey Lawrence (Devin)
2.30 Ellen
3.30pm Extra
4.00pm Nine’s Afternoon News/Nine Live With Amelia Adams (Mon-Thurs) Tom Steinfort (Friday) (National Edition is seen until 4.30 for (QLD,SA,WA) Then rejoin at 5pm | Presenters Eva Milic (QLD) Alice Monfries (SA) & Emmy Kubainski (WA)
5.30pm Hotseat (Pushes back to half an hour due to terrible ratings)
6pm Nine News (No presenter change on weeknights, Weekends Alison & Darren get the boot and swarm Samantha Heathwood in while Alison presents the local SCA9 Bulletins & Darren returns to reporting, Laura Turner would present Nine’s Melbourne weekend news.
6.30pm ACA with Tracy Grimshaw (Mon-Wed) & Leila Mckinnon (Thurs & Fri)
7.00pm- 9.30pm Various Programmes
9.30pm-10.30pm - Nine’s Late News Hour With Various Presenters (eg.Wendy Kingston, Lizzy Pearl, Chris O’Keefe, Jayne Azzopardi)
Various programmes continue from 10.30pm-5am


I like it!

Only change I’d make is 6pm news to still be 1 hour, but I’d ditch ACA and bring back Sale at 7pm.


I am thinking of creating a revamped Seven Network schedule…

Midnight-4am - Informercials
4-5am - NBC Today
5-5:30am - Seven Early News
5:30-9am - Sunrise - With Kochie, Nat, Eddy, Beretts. Rebecca Maddern returns to Seven as Sunrise weather presenter. Sally Obermeder becomes Entertainment presenter while Tom Williams goes back to BH&G (Sunrise Perth News becomes a formal bulletin at every hr and 1/2 hr for 10 minutes).
9-11:30am - The Morning Show with Larry Emdur and Sam Armytage
11:30am-12pm - Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders
12pm - Midday Movie
2pm-4pm - Double Episodes of The Chase UK (TDE is dumped)
4pm-5pm - Seven Afternoon News with Mark Ferguson (dumped from Seven News Sydney)
5pm-6pm - The Chase Australia
6pm-7pm - Seven News (Regional viewers get a new composite bulletin with local presenters, Mark Ferguson gets dumped for Melissa Doyle for Sun-Thurs. Michael Usher takes SN and weekends. Today Tonight in SA and WA is reduced to a 20min segment with news taking over at 6:50)
7pm-7:30pm - H&A
7:30pm-9:30pm - Realities
9:30pm-10pm - Seven News 24 (A new late night news bulletin with a focus on world events and discussions with experts. Presented by Kylie Gillies)
10:00-Midnight - Other programs

Midnight-4am - Informercials
4-6am - NBC Today (Religious Programs on Sunday)
6-7am - Weekend Disney
7-10am - Weekend Sunrise - With AOK, Monique, Angela, Simon, Sally and JT.
10am-11am - World Review Saturday/World Review Sunday (A news-in-review type program similar to Nine’s Sunday. Presented by Michael Usher. Shown on 7Mate during the AFL season in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth)
11am-5pm - Normal Programming
5pm-5:30pm - Seven News: Live at Five with Angie Asimus
5:30pm-6pm - Weekender programs
6pm-7pm Seven News
7pm-10pm - Movie/AFL Games/Realities/Sunday Night with Michael Usher
10pm-Midnight - Normal Programming until midnight

Feedback welcome!


What is different?


Mostly presenters. I’ve gotten rid of TDE (most boring show ever). Do you think I should probably change some more?


No that is fine just wanted to know what I was looking at. I am not an expert on presenters from networks so can’t really comment.


I’d rebrand TDT, the Nine Network affiliate in Tasmania to Tas TV. This name existed in the State from 1985-1994. I’ve retweaked the logo.
Old logo
New Logo