Your dream TV network


Traffic report at 11pm at night? Maybe what roads to avoid due to night works?


Or maybe what roads to avoid that have booze buses on them :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


I was lazier and copied it from earlier in the schedule. The bulletin could have a warning for potential disruptions for commuters in the morning though.


Why News at 4 and nothing else news (except The Project) until 9.30?


I would use The Project as a news platform. Its only 3 hours between news services if you include The Project. But I do see your point.


This thread reminds me of the competition/game Media Spy did a few years ago around the time ‘Network Six’ was at its peak where members established their own networks and various scenarios/challenges were set for the networks to deal with.

Would be interesting with things like multichannels, streaming services, etc how such a game would play out if it was to be held again


Set it up Jeffmister. I don’t remember this game.


My take on TV3 programming NZ.

Weekday view.

Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


Funnily enough before I found MediaSpy I would always play around with a hypothetical network I created. (Hence my avatar and Username)
I always thought of this network to either be based in the UK or an imaginary country with a population similar to that of the UK.
I only updated the logo for them yesterday after because of @n1ck 's TEN mock up (you can obviously tell by Spark).
(The updates I made were only slight, made the letters a bit more bold and change their colours from solid to a gradient.)

I would like to think the network would have the backing of a major news source and movie studio (like the US networks.)

I tried to base DDN on TEN and also on ITV 1, with a heavy focus on News, Documentaries and Original Content, with a few big international programs in between. (CBS, FOX, ITV)

DDN2 is based on BBC2, big enough to be its own network, with big programs, that just wouldn’t cut it being on the main channel (reality shows etc)

DDN3 is based off ABC3/CBBC and would be a 24hr Kids channel for ages 8-14 (most overnight would be repeats of daily shows or just marathons of the Simpsons/futurama or whatever)

DDN Spark would be like ABC2, SBS2, or Spike (British channel, also on Fetch), It would show more ‘out there’, relatively small or unknown shows. the other focus would be set on repeats of old crime shows (Law & Order, NCIS etc) and other shows like Doctor Who, HIMYM, Friends etc.

DDN Sports came into my head around the time of Rio 2016, it would feature telecasts or simulcasts of the Olympics, Motorsports, the country’s main sport and other big sports. (it wouldn’t be 24/7)

and then DDN Now would be its online presence.

All channels would be simulcast in HD (except DDN Sports which would be native HD) and they would all have a +1 time shift channel with DDN also having a +24 time shift channel.


Nicely done!

I like the name “Spark” for a TV channel too… very original.


Assuming that is a tongue-in-cheek response?




OK - ABC Spark is the (I thought) well known Canadian version of ABC Family (now Freeform) in the US.


ah right, didn’t know about them.

I knew Spark was used for a car name, but not for a TV or Radio station.


Here’s my shot at restructuring Ten’s current line-up. Not too drastic but adds a bit more structure throughout the day and favours Australian programming.

06.00 Ten This Morning with Chris Bath, Matt White and Dr. Chris Brown
08.30 Studio 10 with Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Jonathon Moran and Jessica Rowe
11.00 Daytime (i.e. The Talk, Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, Good Chef Bad Chef, etc.)
17.00 Ten Eyewitness News
18.00 Family Feud with Grant Denyer
18.30 The Project with Waleed Aly, Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar
19.30 Mon-Thu: Reality (Celebrity/MasterChef/Survivor/Bachelor), Fri: The Living Room
20.30 Mon: HYBPA/Would I Lie To You AU, Tues: Police/Flying Doctors Obs-Docs, Wed: Drama (Police/Medical/Political), Thu: Thank God You’re Here/Gogglebox/Common Sense
21.30 Mon/Wed-Thu: U.S. Imports, Tues: Crime Watch with Matt Doran and Andrew Denney
22.30 Up Late with Matt Okine

17.00 Ten Eyewitness News
18.00 Pyramid with Rob Mills
18.30 The Project Sunday with Hamish MacDonald, Gorgi Coghlan and Anthony Lehmann
19.00 Reality

Ten This Morning - Chris Bath and Matt White present the latest headlines from Australia and the world, giving Australians an eye into the world. Meanwhile, Dr. Chris Brown travels the country to bring the weather.
Would I Lie To You? - Joel Creasey brings Britain’s favourite comedy panel show Down Under pitting comedians Meshel Laurie and Anthony Lehmann head-to-head.
Up Late with Matt Okine - Matt Okine hosts some of the world’s best in Ten’s all-new late night talk show.
Pyramid - Based off the hit U.S. game show, contestants team up with celebrities for their chance at $50,000.
The Project Sunday - It’s news delivered differently. Hamish MacDonald, Gorgi Coghlan and Lehmo bring The Project to Sunday nights.

Multichannel Highlights
Eleven - Entertainment Hour with Jonathon Moran (16.00-17.00 Weekdays), Neighbours (18.30-19.00 Weeknights), The Loop (9.00-11.00 Weekends), The Loop HITS (Midnight-2.00 Daily)
One - Sports Tonight with Adam Hawse (18.00-18.30 Weeknights)


A redone channel 10.

Ten’s main channel will focus on News, Current Affairs and Drama – this means it will see the inclusions of Neighbours to the main channel
5:00 Ten News @5
6:00 The Project
7:00 Ten News @7
8:00 Australia Deserves to Know
*Murders, Crime, politics and other major issues that Australia simply needs to understand and know about
8:30 Sunday Australian Night Drama
9:30 Ten Late News
10:30 Encores of other channels

4:30 Ten News
5:30 Neighbours
6:00 The Project
7:00 Ten News @7
8:00 Australia Deserves to Know
8:30 Nightly Australian Drama
9:30 Ten Late News
10:30 Encores

5:00 Ten News @5
6:00 The Project
7:00 Ten News @7
8:00 Australia Deserves to Know
8:30 Saturday Night Australian Drama

Secondary Channel
• This will see more light hearted shows. It will still have a focus on Australian shows. It will not have dramas rather light entertainment.

6:00 Family Feud
6:30 The Price is Right
7:00 Jeopardy
7:30 Reality Shows such as; I’m a Celebrity, Masterchef, Survivor, Bachelor and Big Brother
8:30 Light Entertainment throughout the year such as; Have You Been Paying Attention, Gogglebox, Shark Tank, Living Room, Talkin’ Bout Your Gen, Thank God You’re Here, Common Sense, Dirty Laundry, Chat Shows etc.
9:30 The Project Replay

The Third Channel:

  • This will focus on the younger generation and will include children’s programming throughout the day. It will then play those American shows that cater for the 16-39 demographics. Shows that will be seen on this network include:
    o Modern Family, New Girl, Fresh Off The Boat, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Empire, This is Us, How I Met Your Mother etc

The Fourth Channel

  • This will focus on documentaries and crime shows such as:
    o NCIS franchise, Bondi Rescue, David Attenborough, Law and Order franchise, 24, Prison Break etc


Funnily enough, I was going to create this thread and model it around what you want network ten to become.

It’s very interesting to see most people modelling there network on Ten’s and not 7s or 9s. Is this because Network ten is suffering an identity crisis and is easier to model a moc scheduled around?


Australia Deserves to know? What exactly? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully this is the right thread for fantasy schedules rather than more realistic mock schedules.

Anyway, if I was in charge of programing Nine’s main channel on weekdays…

4.30am Nine News: Early Edition (as it is now, just 30 minutes earlier)
5am Today in Sydney (the format would be based on US local morning news programs, including regular local weather & traffic updates)
7am Today (national edition, going back to the origins of Today with the 7am start time here and including short local news/weather updates like US breakfast shows)
9am Today Extra (the mid morning advertorial-fest…preferably with much more likeable hosts than Sonia & David)
12pm Nine News Now (a national news bulletin, minus some of the fluffier elements that Nine News Now currently has)
1pm Afternoon Movies/Encores
3pm Ellen
4pm Nine’s Afternoon News (national news bulletin, not too dissimilar in presentation to the semi-national version I receive in Sydney now)
5pm Nine News at Five (a local news bulletin with shorter, punchier reports and frequent mentions of there being more info at 6pm)
6pm Nine News: Sydney at Six (as the title says, including more in-depth reports on the day’s News, Sport, Finance and Weather)
7pm Hot Seat (for 30 minutes only)
7.30pm Primetime programing
10.30pm Nine News: Late Edition (local bulletin)
11pm Late Night Programing
1am Infomercials
3am Good Morning America

Obviously I’ve used TCN Sydney as my base, but I’m sure you can imagine what the schedule would look like in other markets.

Multichannel Highlights:

9Go! - Nine News at 7pm (weeknights) - The presentation and story selection for this national bulletin would be targeted at a younger audience, just like the channel is.
9Gem - Nine News at Ten (10pm weeknights) - National bulletin targeted at 9Gem’s older audience.

Yes there’s a lot of news/news-based programs here but if there’s one commercial TV network in Australia who I think should embrace a rather news-heavy, US network-style schedule, it’s Nine. And of course, a lot of the ideas here will probably never happen for various reasons but I can dream, right? :slight_smile:


I created this thread, so I Mays well create my own. I have chosen (like many others on here) to remodel ten back to its glory days.

I would also use @n1ck’s logo and on-air package. So here we go:

Network 10- Seriously 10


6am- Good Morning Australia
8:30am- Studio 10
11am- 10 Morning News
12pm- Midday: With Ita Buttrose
1pm- Dr Phil
2pm- Light entertainment (Bondi Vet, judge Judy etc)
3pm- Ready Steady Cook
4pm- 10 Afternoon News
5pm- 10 Eyewitness News
6pm- Family Feud
6:30pm- The Project
7pm- Neighbours
7:30pm- (Bachelor, Master chef, Celebrity etc)
9pm- Comedy (Everybody loves Raymond, Fraser etc)
10pm- 10 Late News
11pm - 6am - Repeats etc


Good Morning Australia- Join Matt White and Sandra Sully as they bring you Australia’s only NEWS breakfast program dedicated to the latest News.

10 Morning News, 10 Afternoon News- Join Natasha Belling with today’s top news stories.

Midday- Ita Buttrose host Australia’s only daytime talk show. Interviewing the people of Australia and giving her advice.

Ready Steady Cook- Join Migual as 2 teams cook it out in the kitchen. But will they impress you?

10 Eyewitness News- Comprehensive coverage of the stories from today. Hosted by Hugh Riminton and Jessica Rowe.

10 Late News- 10 late news is back and better then ever. Covering the latest in National, International and local news.

I chose ten because I personally think ten are admist of an identity crisis. They have so much potential with their facilities and personalities. I also chose ten, because I personally think their current on-air presentation is mismatched and rather boring and generic. They were so much more back in the day. But now, well what do I say, where is the Network ten I knew, loved and importantly, watched?