Your dream TV network


If you could start your own TV network, or take over an existing network, with the backing of unlimited resources, what would it look like?

Some things you could include: Station logo, programs, news services, schedules etc

Issues, Ideas, Suggestions

Ohhhhh have just got plans for you. Comming tomorrow

CNN International mock schedule.


With unlimited resources? Btw substituting the creativity with of a new TV brand with Ten to save time.

Basic Schedule:
5:00am: Ten Early News
5:30am: Ten This Morning With Chris Bath & Ron Wilson (A middle point between ABC News Breakfast and Sunrise/Today, catch all those viewers who find Sunrise/Today too silly/gimmicky/tabloid and ABC News Breakfast too serious and slow)
8:30am: Studio 10
11:00am-11:30am: Ten Morning News With Natarsha Belling
3pm-3:30pm: Ten Afternoon News With Natarsha Belling
5pm: Jeopardy! (US Version)
5:30pm: Family Feud (Mon-Fri)
6pm: Ten News With Sandra Sully (Sydney)
6:30pm: Ten National News With Sandra Sully (A more in-depth national/international focused bulletin)
7pm-7:30pm: The Project (Mon-Fri)
10:30pm: Nightline With Hugh Riminton
11pm: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Add ins (off the top of my head):

3pm: RPM With Bill Woods & Neil Crompton
5:30pm: Sports Tonight With Bill Woods
8:30pm: 20/20 With Ann Sanders (60 Minutes/Sunday Night type program)

8:30pm: Ann Sanders Presents… (A competitor to Seven’s Murder Uncovered. Ann Sanders presents a Crime Investigation Australia inspired/styled program but on broader topics like the Granville rail accident, Newcastle earthquake, America’s serial killers, Australia’s Hoddle Street massacre (etc), Dr Death/Patel. Standard running time of 1 hour.)

8:30pm: The Grand Tour

I can’t think right now of any more programs to run. Will do multichannels later.


With these, would we be allowed to go on like a history of the dream network (from the 80’s to now) or does it have to be the network in the current state?


Yeah go for it, it’s your dream network


I’d love to see shows starting on the hour as they do overseas.
5pm: Ten News
6pm: Family Feud
6:30pm: Neighbours
7pm-8pm: The Project
8pm: reality/lifestyle/factual shows
9pm: Aussie drama/comedy
10pm: Overseas dramas


I believe Ten tried that- starting on the hour- in the Bob Shanks era and it failed spectacularly.


yeah and 9 and 10 basically did that for a while with reality anyway


It’s my dream network, mate.Stop stomping on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It would only work if all the networks agreed to shift to this model.


If it were my dream network I’d have all the shows starting at random times just to piss off the viewers. Oh wait…


CNN International, CNN USA and HLN Mock schedule’s

Apologies for the quality, PM me for the spreadsheet PDF

Comedy Central NZ Mock schedule.


I too am modelling my dream network on Ten, simply because it’s easier to use pre-existing shows/news services rather than creating fictional ones :wink:

TenHD Weekdays
3-5am: CBS This Morning (With Ten News updates every 15 min) (Advertorials, on Mondays)
5-5:30am: Ten Early News
5:30-9am Good Morning Australia w/ Matt Doran & Natarsha Belling (Madeline Slattery on weather)
9-12: Studio 10
12-12:30pm: Ten News at Noon w/ Deb Knight
12:30-4:30pm: (US shows)
4:30-5pm: Family Feud
5-6pm: Ten Eyewitness News w/ Sandra Sully & Chris Bath
6-7pm: The Project
7-10pm: (Regular Ten programs)
10-10:45pm: Ten Late News w/ Hugh Rimmington
10:45-11pm: Sports Tonight
11-12: Live Late night talk show (e.g. Rove Live)
12-1am: Late Show w/ Stephan Colbert (US) (The Project repeat, on Mondays)
1-2am: Ten Overnight News w/ Natasha Exlby
2-3am: Loop Up-Late (Music chart show)
3-5am CBS This Morning

TenHD Saturday
3-4am: Advertorials
4-6am: CBS This Morning (US Friday edition)
6-7am: Ten Early News
7-10am: Good Morning Australia Weekends w/ Ron Wilson & Jessica Rowe
10-12: Studio 10 Weekends (best bits from the week)
12-12:30pm: Ten News at Noon w/ Kathryn Robinson
12:30-4:30pm: (US shows)
4:30-5pm: Family Feud
5-6pm: Ten Eyewitness News w/ Dani Isdale
6-7pm: The Weekend Project
7-8:30pm: David Attenborough doco
8:30-10pm: Blockbuster/big title movie
10-10:45pm: Ten Late News w/ Hamish Mcdonald
10:45-11pm: Sports Tonight
11-12: Late Show (US Friday edition)
12-1am: Late Late Show (US Friday edition)
1-2am: Ten Overnight News w/ Natasha Exlby
2-3am: Loop Up-Late

TenHD Sunday
3-6am: Advertorials/religious programs
6-7am: Ten Early News
7-10am Good Morning Australia Weekends w/ Ron Wilson & Jessica Rowe
10-12: The Loop
12-12:30pm: Ten News at Noon w/ Kathryn Robinson
12:30-1pm: Talking Canberra w/ Ursula Heger
1-4pm: (US shows)
4-5pm: RPM
5-6pm: Ten Eyewitness News w/ Dani Isdale
6-7pm: 20/20 w/ Hamish Mcdonald
7-8:30pm: reality (regular Sun night program)
8:30-10pm: Blockbuster/big title movie
10-10:45pm: Ten Late News w/ Dani Isdale
10:45-11pm: Sports Tonight
11-1: Late Movie
1-2am: Ten Overnight News w/ Dani Isdale
2-3am: Loop Up-Late
3-5am Advertorials

Some shows I’d like to see in the 7-10pm weekdays slot:

  • The Good Fight (The Good Wife spin-off) (Tuesday 9-10pm)
  • The Grand Tour (Wednesday 8-9pm)
  • Wanted (Thursday 7-8pm)
  • House Of Cards (Thursday 8-9pm)
  • Dexter (Thursday 9-10pm)
  • Kebab Kings (Friday 7-8)
  • New movie premiere (Friday 8-10)
  • The Zoo (an animal show based at Australia Zoo hosted by Terri, Bindi & Bob Irwin)
  • David Attenborough docos
  • (other Netflix originals)

Special Event Programs

  • January 25: Australia Day concert at the Opera House.
  • December 23: Channel Ten Christmas Party - where presenters from all networks come together for a televised Christmas party with live music from big name artists, flashbacks, social media interaction, guest interviews. The coverage would focus mostly on the live performances & year montage, and would include some clips of presenters dancing/having fun/being interviewed by Ten personalities about the year that was etc…
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve coverage w/ Matt Doran, Tarsh Belling, Sarah Harris & Hamish Donald.
  • Olympic coverage
  • NRL & AFL Grand Final
  • BBL
  • Ten Telethon


  • TenPlus: a mix of programming from Eleven and One.
  • TenKnowlege: documentaries, international movies, mini-series.
  • TenCBS: Exclusive CBS/CBS All Access programs. Drama, lifestyle, and reality programs from CBS.
  • TenWorld: a rolling news channel with flagship newscasts from CNN, CBSN, PBS, Al Jazeera, RT, Sky News, BBC, Global and CGTN(CCTV) with Ten News bulletins spread throughout the day aswell - Matt White would be the cheif news anchor for the channel.

A few things:

  • Ten Overnight News is a flexible format, e.g. can be pre-recorded that night, can be a live standalone program, can be a collation of state/national reports that aired that day etc. I know Tash Exlby is on 6 days a week, but I figure with a flexible format like that, she could handle it. Sunday’s edition(early Monday morning) would be a pre-record filmed right after Late News finishes.
  • Loop Up-Late would be pretty much like a chart countdown show you’d see on V Hits; 20 song in a row, no need for a host.
  • 20/20 Yes, a local version on the US ABC’s 20/20 to compete with 60mins & Sunday Night. Would be Live and encourage social media interaction/feedback/thoughts on stories.
  • Ten News at Noon, the first 15 minutes would be hard news/headlines; the last 15 minutes(after ad break) would be magazine style chatting with guests and entertainment. (Like 9NewsNow) (Female skewed)
  • _The Weekend Projec_t would be hosted by the current Friday team, except with Hamish McDonald instead of Waleed.
  • Talking Canberra (or Eyes On Canberra) would be a political discussion show where Ursula would interview politicians and investigate/break down polotical claims, discuss etc.
  • Jess Rowe would have Mondays & Tuesdays off Studio 10 due to her Weekend GMA commitment.
  • TenWorld will have a flagship 1 hour nightly news bulletin at 6pm titled TEN WORLD NEWS anchored by Matt White Mon-Fri and Kathryn Robinson Sat-Sun. It would focus primarily on international news stories and current affairs, aswell as major national stories.
  • I think everyone would agree, less commercials, all round. 4 minutes of ads to every hour - 1 minute ad break every 15 minutes, except during movies at which there’ll be 2 minutes of ads every half hour.

Hey, I can dream, right? :wink:
Feel free to make suggestions/improvements to the schedule.


9-12? I wonder what @blackbox would think of that :stuck_out_tongue:


THREE (New Zealand)


5:30AM Newshub: Early Edition | with Ingrid Hipkiss
6:00AM Sunrise | with Pippa Wetzell and Greg Boyed, Ingrid Hipkiss (news), Andrew Gourdie (sport) and Dayna Vawdrey (weather)
9:00AM Morning Talk | with Mike Puru and Mel Homer (news updates presented by Susie Nordqvist)
11:00AM Rachael Ray
12:00PM Newshub: Midday Edition | with Susie Nordqvist and Brendan Pongia (sport)
12:30PM Dr Phil
1:30PM Afternoon at the Movies
3:00PM Entertainment Tonight
3:30PM Sticky!
4:30PM Judy Daily | with Judy Bailey (news updates presented by Sam and Mike)
5:25PM Family Feud
6:00PM Newshub Evening Hour | with Samantha Hayes and Mike McRoberts, Ashlee Tulloch (sport) and Kanoa Lloyd (weather)
7:00PM The Project | with Nadine Chalmers-Ross, Jesse Mulligan and Paul Ego
7:30PM | Reality, Lifestyle, Drama programming |
–> Monday Target | with Carly Flynn and Brooke Howard-Smith
–> Thursday Tagata Pasifika | presenter rotation
–> Friday The Living Room | with Erin Simpson, Isaac Ross, Simon Gault and Vicky Wilson
10:00PM Nightline | with Melissa Stokes, Nikki Styris (sport) and Aziz Al’Saafin (entertainment)
11:00PM The Late Late Show with James Corden


6:00AM Saturday Sticky!
7:00AM Weekend Sunrise | with Carly Flynn and Sacha McNeil, Jenny Suo (news), Rod Cheeseman (sport) and Matai Smith (weather)
9:00AM Fresh
9:30AM Weekend Talk
5:30PM Extra! Extra! | with Aziz Al’Saafin and Jay-Jay Harvey
6:00PM Newshub Evening Hour | with Peter Williams, Abby Wilson (sport) and Alex O’Hara (weather)
7:00PM Blockbuster film


6:00AM Sunday Sticky!
7:00AM Weekend Sunrise | with Carly Flynn and Sacha McNeil, Jenny Suo (news), Rod Cheeseman (sport) and Matai Smith (weather)
9:00AM R & R
9:30AM The Hui | with Mihirirangi Forbes
10:00AM The Nation | with Lisa Owen
5:30PM Gourmet Postcard | with Peta Mathias
6:00PM Newshub Evening Hour | with Peter Williams, Abby Wilson (sport) and Alex O’Hara (weather)
7:00PM 60 Minutes with John Campbell


My Dream Network would be the following (Note I am only using Ten as an example):

4:00 Ten News
5:00 Family Feud
5:30 The Project
6:30 I’m A Celebrity/Masterchef/The Bachelor/Survivor etc
7:30 LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT (Have You Been Paying Attention/Gogglebox/Living Room are examples)
9:30 Ten Late News
10:30 The Project LATE
*Not an encore.


Mine was real… it was called TV4 and then C4, and then FOUR and had a big yellow rubber duckie and then it ended, my name’s Poppy and these are my pictures…

For those playing at home, it’s a combination of 19 years of the channel; Green = TV4, Red = C4, Grey = C42 and Blue = FOUR. Man I’m sad.


Unlimited budget, you say?

Mine would be a public broadcaster for Australia, except better than the ABC naturally :slight_smile: Let’s call it PBC (Public-BC)

Weekday schedule

05.00 - PBC News Early Latest national and international headlines, plus dedicated finance and sports presenters
06.00 - PBC Breakfast Latest national and international headlines, sports and weather. Five minute opt-outs to local news, weather, public transport and traffic at 06.25, 06.50, 07.25, 07.50, 08.25. Based on the format of BBC Breakfast
between 09.30 and 13.00 - daytime Women-focused lifestyle and criminal investigation programmes
13.00 - PBC Lunchtime News Latest national and international headlines, sports and weather.
13.30 - PBC Local News Latest local news, sports and weather, plus traffic
13.45 - Business Today Latest finance headlines
14.00 - The Chase Australia Gameshow, hosted by AOK
15.00 - The View Australia Women-focused chat show
16.25 - PBC News Summary National news headlines update
16.30 - Gardening Australia/various lifestyle programming
17.00 - Various lifestyle programmes/local programming Option for local stations to replace programming here with locally-produced lifestyle programming
17.30 - Bargain Hunt Australia Self-explanatory for anyone who’s seen BH in the UK
18.00 - Pointless Australia Gameshow, hosted by someone good
18.30 - PBC The National Latest national and international news headlines, plus finance, some sport and national weather
19.10 - PBC Local News Latest local headlines, plus traffic, public transport and weather
between 19.30 and 20.26 - Early Primetime Depending on the day, a variety of documentaries, comedies, panel shows and ‘lighter dramas’. Can be either 2x28 or 1x56 minutes in length. (PG/M)
20.26 - PBC News Summary One minute of national and international news, followed by one minute of localised headlines from your region.
between 20.30 and 21.30 - Flagship Primetime Flagship dramas and documentaries, chat shows and variety (M/MA15+)
between 21.30 and 22.30 - Later Primetime Darker, more appropriate for later than earlier. Dramas, chat shows, very hard-hitting documentaries
22.30 - PBC Lateline Latest national and international news headlines, plus finance, some sport and national weather
23.00 - PBC Local News Latest local headlines, plus traffic, public transport and weather
23.15 - Movies, late night special documentaries and variety programmes, repeats
switches to PBC News Channel somewhere between 01.00 and 03.00

Mine’s pretty strongly based off BBC One in the UK and obviously skews very old/female during the day. It’s not what I’d watch, but it’s what I’d consider a fairly good public broadcaster. Obviously there are no commercial breaks and promo-break between programmes are short. Note how there are no non-Australian programmes on the schedule at all. I won’t bother doing a weekend one because I have no idea.


I find it quite interesting how everyone models around TEN News. I would model around that service too though :wink:


Does PBC celebrate “oneness”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would love a ‘classics’ network, that is, airs re-runs of popular Australian and overseas programs, with a particular focus on dramas and police procedurals/crime :slight_smile:

•Blue Heelers
•City Homicide
•The Brady Bunch
•Packed to the Rafters
•All Saints
•The Sullivans
•Law & Order


Some networks already re-run some of these iconic shows.