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Prime7 tops NBN from Port Macquarie upwards due to Prime7 News


As @DJPizarro says, Prime7 News is #1 on the North Coast and North West, but NBN News is #1 overall since the Newcastle / Hunter region has by far the most viewers and is dominant there.

Gold and Central Coasts have little influence on Nth NSW figures since viewers there still largely watch the metropolitan stations.


That’s actually a really important point to remember when people quote the market size of 2mil+ for NNSW. These 2 areas combined have a population of over 800,000 people - making the actual reach of the NNSW much smaller.


As I’ve said before. I have family that live in Mackay, and I visit there frequently, I can tell you right now that WIN do not air any news updates of any kind at all into that market.


I’m not exactly sure, I think I might still be watching the Win news since, it will be more local, with local presenters, where I think the Nine Local News will still have the National presenters in the studio


It’s been mentioned here multiple times that the new Nine News bulletins will have their own dedicated presenters. One for each state.


He’s talking about SA, not Mackay.


What is he even talking about, noodle updates?


Also like 2 minute noodles, these updates are unfulfilling and bland.


Promo in response to Nine Local News


Longer version


I wonder if they will do anything different tomorrow


It’s just the same as every promo they do?


Not a bad promo, for WIN.

They really need to increase the opacity of the angular panels over the scenery image with the text, it just doesn’t look right and there is something off with the footage of the male journalist towards the end talking.


“The only dedicated half hour of news, sport and weather in the Canberra region”? Except for weekends. What is ABC News Canberra then?


ABC is a composite, WIN is pure local news for a whole half an hour.


The promo is not SO bad.

However the music is wrong and the VO sounds hokey.

They should use the Ten network VO guy.

Also - the whole our reporters, staff are local is a little bit dishonest. Considering the anchor is in Wollongong.


Bruce Gordon is in for a lot of sleepless nights. He must be getting really desperate now as he’s fighting a losing battle…


WIN is going to have to get smarter with news

They now have their bulletins on the least watched commercial network. Not to mention that I’d imagine the people they do watch WIN news are not really the same people that watch Ten network programming. So the audience profiles are a mismatch.

You can run all the WIN news programming you want in Celebrity and Gogglebox - those viewers won’t come to WIN news. Which I imagine skews very old.

And I think Nines new polished slick faster paced bulletins will make win look slow and dated very quickly.


Why? That would then defeat the whole purpose of it being “local” news.