WIN News


A cross in Illawarra bulletin last night:




Crap diem, right?


Reminds me of this “carpe diem”


They’ve been to Nine News Queensland’s spelling classes.



Yesterday was Lucy Breaden’s last day at WIN after 5 years. She’s off to ABC Hobart.



The ABC put her straight to work too! I heard her reading the bushfire emergency broadcaster messages for ABC Northern Tasmania on Friday. These are the advertising ones, not an actual warning but along the lines of “Today is a day of increased fire danger in parts of Tasmania. Should a bushfire occur stay listening to ABC Northern Tasmania, your emergency broadcaster” type of thing, can’t remember the exact wording.


WIN News Tasmania from Tuesday:


Promo (with no local end-board unlike all other bulletins):


Was at the movies last night, and during the pre-movie ads, an ad for WIN News aired twice, however, the endboard featured Lincoln Humphries with Hannah McEwen, and no sport presenter.

Didn’t Hannah leave WIN News quite a while ago?


LOL, WIN News does pre-movie ads? There’s an interesting one!

Not sure exactly when Hannah McEwan left WIN News Queensland (maybe around Late 2017/Early 2018?) but she’s since moved to Melbourne and Nine, recently presenting weather forecasts for the Regional Victorian bulletins.


Did they have a solid mappy throughout the movie too?


Ahh, so that’s who that strange woman I’ve been watching for the past two days has been! I kinda thought maybe Sonia Marinelli had plastic surgery, but no.


WIN News Tasmania from Wednesday:

I believe they have a different opener picture each day …
Monday (Launceston):

Tuesday (Strahan?):

Wednesday (Cradle Mountain):

Thursday (Devonport):

Friday (Hobart):


That’s Burnie.


WIN used to own some cinemas in Tasmania going back a few years now…

WIN Television

Canberra montages from Thursday and Friday. Both had a cross.
Thursday: Tamworth Country Music Festival

Friday: Canberra Australian of the Year Awards


Today’s All Australian News seemed to have the older AAN branding. Did WIN revert it because they couldn’t make a new promo with that branding?


As many would know, NQ is currently experiencing severe weather with heavy rainfall and flooding. We have major flood warnings, a severe weather warning, and a severe thunderstorm warning all issued for this area.

The BOM forecast for tomorrow is:

So what do WIN News go ahead and say the forecast for tomorrow is,
“Cloudy, Chance of Showers”. What a joke!