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Truth twisting I see?


It’s weird seeing a different image behind the presenter. I think they should just stick to one


I think they meant showers, as in showers, as in, since it’s raining outside, you have a very good chance of having a shower and getting nice a refreshed, ( shower as in the one in your bathroom)


Sometimes a joke is just bad… explaining it only makes it worse… carry on :sunglasses:



WIN’s Queensland weather presenter Hayley Francis on location in Townsville.


New style promo:




It seems that WIN now has sponsored content on some of their news Facebook pages, such as this:


Tumerix??? Doesn’t that give you the shits? :joy:


If there going to put sponsered ads on Facebook, Then the crediability of what little they had will be gone.


Generic promos (the 20 sec was previously posted in WIN thread):