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Haters will say it looks too much like Nine’s Santa tracker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Weather report did not play at the end of WIN News Illawarra tonight. They just had the synoptic chart on screen for 30 seconds before Geoff came back to wrap up the bulletin. Not good when we’re heading into a heatwave.


Is it just me, or is today’s AAN just stories about don’t do this, don’t do that over Xmas/New Year???

Shut up Geoff you old fart. Also, Bruce, start a Northern NSW service you lazy bastard. :rofl:


Can we agree that if full WIN News bulletins are to be established, ideally they’d be produced somewhere in Northern NSW and air at 5pm in lieu of 10 News First Sydney?

Because I reckon having any WIN News Northern NSW bulletins pre-recorded from Wollongong and airing at 6pm would likely be slaughtered in the ratings against the stronger competition!


Agreed. Something to take on NBN/Nine News in the Hunter would be fantastic.


As they’ve just finished centralising to Wollongong, and have abandoned the Tasmanian composite format to boot, highly unlikely. Any new news will be a Wollongong feature in identical format to current productions.


I don’t know if anybody will be able to confirm, does anybody actually watch it?

In saying that I did stop on it when channel surfing the other day and there was no sound at all on the bulletin on the SNoW channel.


I know but since it’s a unique market (perhaps the only in regional Australia where Nine is more popular than Seven and of course, there’s the metro overlap on the Northern & Southern fringes), it should be acknowledged and treated as such by WIN in the unlikely chance they were to establish full local news bulletins for Northern NSW.


I doubt we will see any major updates to win news on the next couple of years


Indeed. In fact from what I’m hearing, it’s more likely several bulletins will be axed next year.


I wasn’t expecting the On-Air Presentation of WIN News to be updated with the last major relaunch only happening on January 22 this year, but…

This doesn’t sound good. Hopefully there won’t be any regions left with only one or worse, no local news services!



There’s no gain producing them in Northern NSW - Newcastle is just as remote to Taree and Lismore as it is to Wollongong, at least they’d be in their home state, which is on par with Prime.

5pm is death. All the reasons 10 News First should be in prime time (6, 6:30 or 9pm, you name it) apply doubly to local news - you need as many potential eyeballs on a product to make it viable, and in regional areas the potential audience is so much lower that you just can’t do it unless you’re at a time of day maximising the audience. No one knocks off work at 5pm and thinks ‘oh shit, get me to a TV, I’ve got me some WIN News to watch’.

6pm is the only slot Ten’s current evening lineup makes viable - ideally they’d be at 7pm like they were after Nine went to a news hour, but that’d take a lot of reshuffling.


Boxing Day Illawarra Montage, including the weather issues that @NewsWeary mentioned and a cross during sport:

Canberra montage (no issues with weather, but no dedicated presenter):

Tasmania last night (including a live cross, plus Brent Costelloe presented all of sport segment on location):


I think there was a problem with the Illawarra video, so I uploaded:


Is the weather also fullscreen with a presenter, or do the use the green screen tv screen?


I think the weather is also a chroma key, but they make it look like a plasma screen:


ahh yes, that’s what I meant, the actual weather doesn’t take up the full screen behind Chris. But without the presenter the just show it in full screen without the “plasma screen” look.


Montage of the Canberra bulletin last night, where there was a Summernats cross:


wait, there’s actually place called Epic??? That is so, umm, epic!


It should be called what it actually is and was called for years, the Canberra Showground.