WIN News


Promo ender Sunshine Coast



WIN News Tasmania from Friday last week:

The super text now looks more like that on the other bulletins now:


A few caps from Sunny Coast tonight


Former presenter/current reporter of WIN News Tasmania, Lucy Breaden, will be presenting drive on ABC Radio Hobart in the new year.



The weekend newsreader Alison Costelloe has also joined their newsroom having been on a couple of times doing updates on the radio. Guess it helped with them sharing the same site since WIN (and TDT) moved into the ABC Centre in Hobart.


Someone at Wollongong forgot about daylight saving and posted the full weather report to Facebook before the bulletin had even gone to air!


SPOILER ALERT: here’s your local weather :joy::joy:


Canberra bulletin had a cross last night for the stormy weather:


Another example of Short Closers of 2018, despite having all WIN’s buletins (believed to be, but correct me if I’m wrong) pre-recorded. That’s kinda weird, because Amy just said Good Night after throwing her back from Chris. I’d remember another local bulletin having a short closer, but it comes from a generic closer that is done in two verions. Other details would be on another proper thread.


They are pre-recorded, but they also have to be backtimed properly. Packages and other elements recorded earlier in the production cycle are effectively the lengths they are going to be as showtime nears - you can’t cut them down. The only opportunity to do so is with more variable presenter segments such as segues to break or signoff.


Just a bit of a request if anyone’s got a recording box up Rockhampton way - if there’s a story about TigerAir doing some new route to Rockhampton tonight, could you send it to me? A mate of mine apparently was interviewed by the WIN News crew at the airport.



Went to College with him, good guy. He was sports presenter on WIN News before moving to Southern Cross and rose through the ranks there quite quickly too, becoming the main political reporter for the state before leaving suddenly to go work for the Labor party. Didn’t realise he’d switched to MONA, will be interesting to see if he can bring a bit of life back into WIN then and make them competitive with 7 Tasmania News/7 News Tasmania/Southern Cross News/Nightly News/Tasmania Nightly News.


Wonder if TAS would eventually be integrated with VIC in the management level. TAS only does 1 30 minute news bulletin per weekday.


Was it this?


Back home and watching All Australian News. Really wishing they’d start Northern NSW local news, and dumping the Nine-ish look.


This is so stupid, yet funny, but awesome!! I haven’t seen any National news put in as much effort as this, with multiple crosses, and a bit of acting from the presenters.


Nice work. Gotta love it when networks put a bit of effort into the whole Santa thing.


Clever idea to try and get the kids into bed early :joy::ok_hand: