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This is hardly related to WIN News… Maybe carry on in the Tongue in Cheek mocks thread if you want to take these ideas to the next level :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget 24 hours of Non-Stop Home and Away episode in which Bruce roberts is in.


There’s a simple reason WIN News still retains elements of Nine - and Southern Cross Austereo know it, and discuss it often - and that’s to create confusion in the market. The more they can “look” like Nine, the more confusion in the market for the real Channel 9. It pisses sales reps off big time who often get the stick from clients.


And it’s totally working too! Just last night I was speaking to my father on the phone and he asked me to “check the TV guide for Channel 9 for tomorrow to see what time All 4 Adventure is on”.

I told him it was on Channel 10, he asked “what number is that on”, I told him LCN 8 and he said “no, that’s channel 9” to which I said “no, 9 is on number 5, 10 is on number 8”

WIN is just adding to the confusion of the dodgy LCNs used in regional areas.


SCA should still be continuing “Nine on 5” as generic network promos, you need to really spell things out for people.


Another Tasmania montage:


When did Tasmania revert to fully local news and start showing the Melbourne bulletin again?


On Monday 19th September 2016.


Interesting that it wasn’t done the same time as the shift to Wollongong (20 August). And that no news outlet reported on the change.

Edit: Ignore me, didn’t read properly, thought it said 2018…


It was 2016, long before the move to Wollongong. Only a few months after the affiliation swap.


Illawarra Convoy updates:

Safety Messages:


Win News Rockhampton was filmed in Rockhampton wasn’t it ? (I know 7 Local News isn’t just found that out the other day).

Peter Byrne the weather presenter at the time was local to Yeppoon so I assumed it was filmed locally … and I vaguely remember something about him not wanting to move to the Sunshine Coast… so I think WIN News Rockhampton moved to the Sunshine Coast for some reason a few years back?


Yes, it was filmed locally. It was then shifted to the Sunshine Coast in 2012 & then to Wollongong in 2017.


Correct, the Rockhampton bulletin as well as Cairns, Townsville and Mackay (when it was running) were all produced from the Dean Street Studios in Rockhampton while the Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba bulletins were all produced from the Toowoomba Studios before shifting to the Sunshine Coast in the early 2000s?

As @TV-Expert said, all the Rockhampton produced bulletins then moved to the Sunny Coast in 2012 then everything to Wollongong last year.


Toowoomba was also presented in Rocky (edited in Toowoomba) in the 90’s until last 90’s when the Sunshine Coast bulletin was then introduced and returned to Toowoomba for both Bulletins.


Yes correct, sorry had completely forgotten about Toowoomba being produced in Rocky until the Sunny Coast bulletin was introduced!


Indeed. At the time, opener & intros were from Rocky with Craig Campbell and sport with Jason Costigan (now an MP) at 5pm. Weather was pre-recorded off site. Supers and graphics very basic in Toowoomba. Bulletin edited onto BETA in full (including adverts) and played at 6pm locally with supers inserted in live.

Very clunky bulletin for its time with no room for error.


What happened to Peter Byrne last I heard he was doing some stories for 7 Local News? I swear I saw him in Woolies at Yeppoon a few months back.


There was another shift before that too.
I used to live in Mackay when WIN News launched there, at the time it was presented out of the Rockhampton studio with Paul Taylor and Samantha Heathwood.
At the time it was:

Rockhampton studio:
Paul Taylor and Samantha Heathwood
Presenting Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton

Toowoomba studio:
Marita Ramia and Pat O’Shea (I think??)
Presenting Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba

Then, Samantha Heathwood moved to Toowoomba and WIN adjusted their setup. Cannot remember what year that was.

It was changed to:

Rockhampton studio:
Paul Taylor and Paul McLanighan?
Presenting Cairns, Rockhampton, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast

Samantha Heathwood and Daniel Sercombe
Presenting Townsville, Mackay, Toowoomba

After that WIN built their Sunshine Coast studios and all bulletins were centralised there.


Corinne May ( QLD State Editor/Chief of Staff) and Laura Gardiner (both former Rockhampton journalists currently based on the Sunshine Coast) are back in Central Queensland to help cover the bushfire coverage.