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I wonder if WIN News Border and North East might be coming to an end. Bruce Roberts has left us, we don’t seem to have a standard weather presenter, some nights it’s been Tanya, other nights, Chris. I think we still have Amy Duggan as the sport presenter. But as I have said before, the three presenter have been removed from the Facebook and Twitter profile photos.

Someone has previously suggested they may have moved it to the NSW/ACT presenters. But I thought if they had, they would’ve have put the presenters on the twitter and facebook pages. Looks like BNE is the only victorian news not read by bruce roberts anymore.22%20AM


I wonder if WIN will eventually either screen statewide editions (Southern and Central regions merged in NSW) or just air AAN with noodle updates throughout EVERY region. From that post on this forum page and the need to consolidate to remain competitive in the current market, both could be possibilities. I imagine this deal with News Corp may be costing them a pretty penny for the second rate news service - as Paul Murray has said on his program - the premium content is available to Foxtel viewers


that is a very good possibility. it would be more cost effective for them if they only aired statewide bulletins, and then leave social media profiles for local news updates. This would also work, if they axed all local bulletins and just have one national bulletin, although I can’t see this taken happily by the public.


I could see it happening, possibly screening on ONE at 6:30pm weeknights and encored on Ten at 11:30pm (in place of AAN) and again the next day on SNOW, ONE and 11


So what’s bound to happen to WIN, is what would’ve happened to Ten.

Thank god CBS got in!


Wild theory here, but following on from the statewide bulletin idea.

The news deal with ANC allows them to share content. What if WIN is planning on making ABC-style statewide bulletins using WIN resources for regional stories and ANC resources for metro and international? Cuts their production costs as they’ll only be making a handful of market-wide bulletins (RQLD, NNSW, SNSW, RVIC, likely separate ACT) instead of numerous local ones, and gives them access to metro and international stories.


This is all speculation at this point. No announcements have been made. This also assumes that Bruce Gordon doesnt offend another media “partner”


Given the fact WIN are advertising for a Shepparton Journalist, i doubt they’ll be axing it soon


Win news GV and win news Border North East are in very different suitations as albury has competition for local news where as in the GV only Win News has a dedicated bulltin for that region


You’d have to imagine the smaller markets that currently have three local news services at 6pm is were WIN News is most likely to be in danger of being axed or merged with another nearby market’s edition?

Even after all the moves towards centralised production/presentation and the July 2016 affiliation swap, I could imagine the Canberra, Illawarra, Goulburn Valley, Tasmania and maybe a few of the Queensland editions being the WIN News bulletins with the safest futures.


A prediction that perhaps the WIN Border North East news to merge with Shepparton/Goulburn Valley as a reaction to SCA Nine’s Border North East news.


WIN News will be produced from Sky Studios in the future i rekon!


Doubtful, they’ve just spent the last few years centralising everything to Wollongong. It wouldn’t have been cheap adding additional studio facilities and new equipment.


Although, I should add that Bruce Roberts is still doing some promo updates. But most of them are with Geoff.


Does anyone know whether WIN News posts full bulletins online? I’m going to have a relative appear on WIN News Central West tomorrow night (26 September) and I’d like to get a copy of the bulletin.


Not full bulletins. A handful of stories from each night are uploaded to Facebook. Best to contact the journalist directly and ask for a copy of the story.


WIN News is um hiring? image


As with all networks, they hire as vacancies arise.


It’s not the hiring that’s the issue with the post. It’s the fact that the advertisement is for a Central Queensland based reporter for their Tasmanian bulletin. Hard to report on Tasmanian issues from 2,700km away.


Latika Bourke reports federal politics for Fairfax though she is living in London. So it can be done … :smiley: