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It wouldn’t be the first time that WIN has made a typo in its job adverts


Hey guys, there is a possibility that I might do an English persuasive task on WIN news, especially the axing of Tasmanian presenters, and moving it to Wollongong (I think).

So if you are in Tasmania (or anywhere else) and have thoughts on this, pros and cons, if you could let me know. Thank you.


Speaking of Tasmania, here is a montage from Tuesday night … still using the Ten-like graphics:


Any news on the ratings for the Tasmanian bulletin since moving interstate?


Riverina promos …


So do most of WIN news’ bulletins get produced in Woollongong?


Every WIN News bulletin is produced in Wollongong these days.


As of this year, every single one of them has been centralised to Wollongong.


I think there were posts here suggesting that “All Australian News” might still be presented from the Sunshine Coast, but other than that it’s extremely centralised in Wollongong.

Hopefully as we approach the end of the 2018 ratings year, we might get an idea of how WIN News (and other regional news services, during the first full ratings year for all of Nine’s bulletins) has been performing throughout 2018. Personally I wouldn’t be overly surprised if “the Geoff Phillips factor” is at least keeping WIN’s Illawarra bulletin ratings competitive, but is struggling against Prime7/Seven and Nine in other markets.


I think markets such as Central West and Riverina would be the most interesting markets in NSW, as to how the market share is spread


Did Brent Costello present AAN when he was up in Wollongong for the first week after the Tasmanian bulletin was centralised there?


Win News break, now with added sponsor.


WIN News Illawarra will be airing a 4 part series on the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Wollongong Bushfires all will be reported by Geoff Phillips.


A very well produced series of reports. It worries me that vintage film of such historic events in regional areas has likely been lost since regional broadcasters have been gobbled up or the owners didn’t have the funds or inclination to preserve their libraries.

WIN Television’s early history can be seen going up in flames during this report on the 1968 Wollongong bushfires.

Something else of interest during this series of reports is the logo used in the news supers.


Luckily a lot WIN productions post that fire are at WIN, the University of Wollongong, Macquarie University and the NFSA.


Surprised no one has mentioned the few graphic changes to WIN News today.


What is a WIN News? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got caps?


Guess it’s true that nobody watches it!


Here’s how the updates looked in comparison. I haven’t noticed the others


What’s different, localised backdrops?