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Might be a phased in thing, just like how they had Brent last week and they’ve now worked in three new presenters and then will tweak graphics and those sorts of things in the next week or two. Who knows, I’m back to Southern Cross!


Since they take the time to do coverup supers for AAN it’s a bit strange this hasn’t become the norm for the main bulletin since the shift to Wollongong.

The Ten supers don’t blend with the current graphics. Different shades of blue and different globe types.


The super globe actually matches WIN’s to a tee.


Does anyone know if Bruce Roberts has left WIN News? Because I have been away from WIN news for a few weeks, I’m not sure, but I’ve noticed that the Win News Albury (Border North East) facebook and twitter pages now have profile pictures without any presenters in them, and I have noticed that Geoff Phillips has been presenting the news recently.


If you scroll up a few posts you’ll see he was presenting the Tasmanian bulletin earlier this week. All other Victorian regions still feature Bruce on socials. Maybe they’ve added the Border bulletin to the NSW/ACT presenters lineup.


Rumour on Twitter.


Would there be a sky news Victoria edition that would have to be made or would just be like prime7 and not have any regional Victorian news


Some Newcastle noodle updates:


Yeah…and I’m the Queen of Sheba. :rofl:

I wouldn’t put it past them to do it, but I’d dare say the following will happen:

  1. Unless Sky News produces a regional Victoria bulletin, or retain someone to do 2 minute noodle bulletin, that move will find WIN in breach of some kind of law.
  2. Anyone proposing that sale will find them out of politics if recent opinion polls are to be believed.


We need a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a well funded independent ABC.


Love the idea, but wishful thinking, given the current goons we have in Canberra.


More noodle updates from yesterday, including one with sponsor billboard:


Is that new sponsor billboard now used in SA, or are they still scraping by with the one from the old package?


WIN currently airing a series of Special Reports on the Drought this week.



And then the Arial Black hit.




Another sponsored News Update:

All of the sponsored updates I’ve seen, its only ever Beaurepaires sponsoring them.

There ones are the Newcastle one posted above and a Tasmania one.


Where does WIN get their synoptic and satellite images from?


I don’t think it has been mentioned here, the selling of the offices has been mentioned but it looks like the WIN Television offices in orange has moved aa few km’s down the road. I’ll try to get photos soon but the new office has updated signage for WIN and WIN NEWS. Looks quite nice actually. Will definitely miss the old office though, became an unofficial landmark driving into Orange.


Illawarra and Canberra last night: