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I cannot see WIN Television reintroducing a Mackay local news bulletin anytime soon. Or introducing a Northern NSW local news bulletin. It’s not viable in those areas due to low ratings.


That would be extremely difficult and very tricky. Mackay is about 4 or 5 hours drive from Townsville and 4 or 5 hours drive from Rockhampton. Why would WIN want to reintroduce a news bulletin in Mackay when it was cancelled due to low ratings?


If Mackay only had one local news service I could understand why people are still calling for WIN News to return, but both Seven and SCA Nine are currently providing some form of local news on weeknights. Also according to the Regional TAM Universe Estimates for 2018, the Mackay sub-market only has 193,000 viewers. Is that really enough to support three local news services directly competing against each other? Probably not.

Re, Northern NSW: It’s not really a population issue but rather that there’s considerably more established local news services from NBN Nine and (in the North West/Coast regions) Prime7. Those likely remain viable because they’re airing on stations with a strong network affiliation and with strong lead-in/lead-out programs. With WIN having weak lead-in/lead-out programs and a network affiliation which certainly doesn’t have news as a strength, full bulletins of WIN News for Northern NSW would have no hope in the ratings and I suspect even Bruce Gordon knows this.


Unfortunately this is true. If WIN could find an alternative time, then maybe it would be possible. This is the unfortunate reality of television aggregation and increased competition for advertising dollars. It would have been good if WIN could produce a bulletin for Newcastle, but like with the Mackay TV market, its not likely to happen any time soon.

The only possibility would be if WIN became more friendly with Ten and were able to insert say a 10 minute news segment for Northern NSW and Mackay as opposed to a full 30 minute bulletin. Even if they let to say 5 or so minutes behind the Ten’s main channel and catch up 2 minutes per hour between say 6:05pm through to 9:30pm weeknights. Below is my rough schedule and comparisons for when shows would air

5:00pm Ten News 5:00pm Ten News 5:00pm Ten News
6:00pm Pointless 5:55pm WIN Newsbreak 6:00pm WIN News (Includes National News Update at 6:30pm)
6:30pm The Project 6:07pm Pointless 6:36pm The Project
7:30pm Reality TV 6:36pm The Project 7:34pm Reality TV Show
8:30pm Evening Viewing 7:34pm Reality TV Show 8:32pm Evening Viewing
8:32pm Evening Viewing


Why? The Project starts with national news. And I can’t see WIN bothering to go to the trouble of doing a news update from scratch using Ten News content.


That is just a suggestion of what could happen - it doesnt have to include it. The other argument could have been why would WIN run 2 feeds over 3 and a half hours. Another alternative could be an extra few minutes of local news


I don’t see how WIN are going to be able to shorten every show by 2 minutes after the local news. They won’t be cutting out ad breaks, that would be financial suicide.


In Northern NSW it will be easier by removing the noodle updates. My suggestion for doing it earlier in the night is an idea, they could continue program delays and shorten advertising breaks later in the night.

The only other alternative that may be feasible for WIN would be producing a multi-region bulletin for Northern NSW and screen it at 6:30pm on One. The same could be done form Mackay and perhaps using relevant stories from adjacent regions and again screen it on One at 6:30pm. I daresay that the rating probably won’t be much different to those on the main channel, provided there is adequate promotion for such a project.

Likely Scenario

Unless WIN can secure affiliation with Nine again or Seven, I cannot see anything more than noodle updates appearing on WIN Mackay or WIN northern NSW anytime soon. Yes I did suggest a 10 minute insert on the back of WIN News which in theory has potential, but WIN would probably stuff up the execution of such a venture


Unless they are forced too, it’s more like never, I think.


forced by legislation, perhaps, but then again, the regional stations got around the minimum local content rules before and nothing was done until Prime axed Newcastle, Canberra and Wollongong local news bulletins


Well there’s no way WIN would ever be able to secure Nine affiliation in Northern NSW as NBN is a Nine O&O station in Northern NSW.


Unless the unlikely scenario of Southern Cross buying NBN were to happen. If it didnt and WIN reclaimed the Nine affiliation, then the former NRN/RTN will again become the station no one wants


(Thankfully) that’s never ever going to happen.


Amy Duggan now presenting sport on Tasmania bulletin. Montage and caps from last night:


GODDAMN Brent is swole


terrible chrome-keying


From what I’ve noticed, the graphics used during reports or playout to breaks are newsroom-based from Tassie, given that Wollonggong didn’t implement their graphics to them. Is this also true to other WIN News bulletin regions?


The Tasmanian bulletin is the only one using Ten graphics (supers). All others use WIN’s graphics.


Yeah, I’m aware on that. But I’m totally surprised that the transfer to Wollonggong didn’t mean a change of graphics, as well.