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Looking at Regional TAM figures, it’s only Regional QLD where WIN outrates ABC in both main channel & network shares on a regular basis.


Here’s a montage:


What a weird forecast.
Showing the temperatures for “tomorrow” and the next 7 days, but no icons to indicate what the actual weather is going to be doing


Unfortunately my recording copy to the computer isn’t going tonight but I just had a look at tonight’s bulletin and noticed we now had a weather presenter - Hayley Francis. Although when it shows up as the email address being that’s not going to make people happy with the move. Especially if it now looks like the news is from NSW but the weather is from QLD.

The other thing I’ve noticed with the weather is the 7 day forecast used to have “Burnie/Devonport” as one, this is now just listed as Burnie. Think Sydney and Melbourne rivalry and putting Melbourne instead of Sydney on an international forecast. Parochialism is alive and well here especially in the north west where there’s two cities constantly out to destroy each other (one isn’t even a city though, technically)


Hayley is based in Wollongong, however she is the weather presenter for the Queensland bulletins, hence the email address. All the other regions use the generic email address. I’m guessing someone just overlooked the QLD address being on screen.


Supers probably edited in to the packages and teases themselves. Seems only the studio supers are in WIN style.


Brent Costelloe presenting All Australian News:


Here’s a montage of Tasmania last night and caps of weather presentation:


With Ten Eyewitness News Sydney going until 6:30pm tonight due to the swearing in of Scott Morrison as PM, what happened with WIN News?


In QLD - WIN local news ran as usual at 6pm


Illawarra bulletin aired as normal.


So WIN viewers didn’t get to see Ten’s live coverage of Scott Morrison being sworn in as PM then?




Wow! Big round of applause to WIN for that one. :rofl:


They should have continued with the Ten News coverage and shifted the lower quality WIN News to One.

If Only WIN Television Relaunched a Dedicated Mackay News Bulletin Again.


May I ask when they axed the Mackay bulletin, and why?


WIN axed the Mackay bulletin in May 2015 due to low ratings.


They continued “WIN Weather Updates” for a time, but those were also axed (some time in 2016?).

I wonder if they’d ever consider repeating what they did for Griffith and merging it into an adjacent bulletin, either Rockhampton or Townville depending on demographic similarities.


In order to maintain the remaining news services, Mackay, Griffith and WA were progressively squeezed out of the news operation. Otherwise WIN would probably be operating at a loss. That’s what happens in a declining advertising market together with increasing costs of affiliation.