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Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t say that the current format of Nine News Now (especially with the “Showbiz” and “Chat Room” segments) is one worth adopting by Ten/WIN or any network in the Early Evening.

If there was really a strongly pronounced preference by the general public for a 30 minute evening bulletin, I suspect that ABC News at 7pm would likely be #1 in the ratings in all metro markets. But I’ll probably have a bit more to say about that at another time and in another thread.


Thats where I think a 15 minute state based window could fill a gap.

The fact is 10 years ago we would of probably said that Nine and Seven wouldnt extend to 1 hour as they would have to fill it with stories on slow news days that wouldnt normally make the light of day on a main news bulletin of the day. So it could give Ten a boost. Perhaps Ten could of held off Pointless and tried a 30 minute 6pm News bulletin without altering anything - perhaps wouldnt work as well as a 6:30pm bulletin - but may work.

Alternatively, maybe a 30 minute 6:30pm bulletin could be trialed in the 2 or 3 weeks that The Project goes into hiatus over Christmas/New Year


It’s more WIN trying to pretend to their audience that when they watch Monday’s bulletin, it’s ‘business as usual’. While we know that isn’t the case, that’s the impression they tried to give with how last nights bulletin closed


WIN News Central West:


WIN don’t post as much Central West content online as they do for most other regions.


Not really, an hour/90 minutes of studio time at the most.


Anyone recording WIN news Tasmania tonight?


Nope but interestingly Brent Costelloe is presenting sport from the studio. They must have shipped him off the Wollongong ! @WAtvVideos are you able to access later on Vast?


I’m recording. Brent did news updates earlier and is doing sport now. Could be a situation like Southern Cross - news from Launnie and sport from Hobart.


Actually, no just saw, he’s up there or Bruce is in Hobart! Interesting!

No weather presenter. Bruce doing it.


Brent is currently in Wollongong.


Maybe they will keep him up there for a week or so and ease him out back to Tassie.


Brent read sport for Vic bulletins too for those playing at home.


Amy Duggan is having the week off. I know she had surgery on her leg earlier this year but she seems to have been absent quite a bit this year. Tanya Dendrinos read sport for the Wollongong bulletin. It looks like Brent’s move to the 'Gong is only temporary.


The WIN News Tasmania cuts got a mention on Media Watch tonight.



Caps of the Tasmania bulletin last night:


WIN may suggest this Tasmania move is to save the local product, but surely more bulletins will be on the chopping block given poor ratings and, presumably, lower ratings thanks to the Ten affiliation.


win is always low abc beats win nearly every day


I don’t see why they would’ve gone to the trouble with keeping the Eyewitness News supers now that the bulletin has no correlation to Ten’s bulletin…
(Looking again, everything looks HD except the Eyewitness News supers… could they still be coming out of Tasmania somehow? The name super uses the Win News style and looks HD)