Why can’t I receive the new TV channels? – A Guide to 7HD, 7mate HD, 7flix, 9HD, 9Gem HD, 9Life, 9Rush, 10 HD, 10 Shake, ABC HD, SBS HD, Viceland HD and World Movies HD

Bum, I was getting my hopes up that 7HD or Flix was being rolled out on a wider scale.

Interesting. I wonder how long 9Life has been broadcasting in Darwin for…

Yep, I believe that 54 is (or was?) the black screen channel on SCA Ten in Northern NSW. TVSN is on 57, One is on 50 while Ten HD is 52.

Don’t ask me to explain the logic of SCA’s TV operations, but at least one of the very few good things about WIN taking over ownership of NRN is the likelihood of an eventual LCN reshuffle.

Is it possible to tell if it is MPEG 4 or MPEG2 so the channel grid can be updated?

All dependent on SCA, who haven’t rolled out either HD* or 7FLIX in their markets

*SCTV TAS has a HD channel on 60 but from what I’ve read on here is just upconverted

Being Nine owned and operated, 9LIFE will be in MPEG2 in line with its other stations

I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you - the TV info lists the channel as 576i SD if that helps.

With SBS VICELAND now only available in MPEG4 HD, the upcoming launch of SBS World Movies (also expected to be an MPEG4 HD-only channel) and what appears to be a MPEG4 return for a HD version of 9Gem in Nine O&O markets, we might need to blow the dust off this old thread and give it an update? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and an update to the HD main channel situation with Seven/Prime7 regionally + SCA Seven in Darwin as well!


Updated today.


In Perth 7 is in HD not 7mate

You’ve quoted a three year old post there; the latest revision reflects the current situation


Just reading through the thread and noticed a few minor points.

7 HD is also available in regional QLD on channel 7 and 70.

When I was visiting Toowoomba recently, 7food Network was on LCN 74.
All other 7-based channels were in the 60’s, but 7food network was on 74 for some reason.

Also noticed in the table that is attached that WIN HD in Northern NSW is listed as LCN 80 when it should be LCN 50.


Updated to remove 7food network and added 7mate HD.

Also fixed this.


Just preparing the responses for eventual questions…


Why can’t I receive the new TV channel…

Because Bruce Gordon won’t let you…

mind if i copy this post on to the prime hd facebook page?

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Irony is - if you’re in WIN monopoly territory then 7MATE is already in HD lmao


Hehe, go for it.

I dont quite buy this - Prime7 have already been recalcitrant with launching new services (7flix, 7food come to mind)


Its bandwidth that prime7 would have to make available.and I don’t think prime7 have the money to upgrade all the towers again

That’s not how it works. No tower upgrades necessary (except in the remote licence areas). It would only a require a change to their playout structure which is then all combined into the multiplex before being sent to the tower.


i thought that not long after i posted it lol iam a dummy sometimes lol

would that require$$$ ??? or would it be that prime7 be lazy again?