Welcome to Media Spy 2.0 - Discourse

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I prefer the old site, personally. Everything was grouped more simply and I found it much easier to navigate.



The new site looks great. Well done guys.


I actually quite like the new forums. Will take some getting used to, but nothing too alienating.


The grouping of topics was much better organised although this new site is much better graphically.


We haven’t actually changed any of the grouping - all the forums/sub forums are the same, aside from ‘about media spy’ being split out on its own.


I find in able to discover a lot more topics here than the old board including discussions I didn’t know were even taking place.


I actually prefer this layout although I do see they are very similar:


I liked the fact that everything was on the titles page, in each group. You could just click on things straight away rather than have to look for them.


I’m still getting used to the new design, but I will. I think it’s slick and very clear which is the way of the future. Feels a lot more like social media than an old school discussion board which is good.


Love it! Sleek, streamlined and significantly quicker than the IP Board. Good work guys!


Works great on my iPad but kinda hard to navigate on my phone though.


Happy first birthday :birthday: to Media Spy 2.0 in its new home and congrats to the team that made the move and kept the place running. It seems to have been very successful with a very stable yet dynamic platform. Here’s to many more milestones.


I was just about to make a similar post to this @TV.Cynic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I seriously can’t believe it has been a year since the launch of the new forum. The time has flown by so quick!! :astonished:

And yes, congratulations to the stuff for keeping the place up and running after careful consideration to migrate from the old site. It was a real shame we lost the Vault and all its contents in the move over, but hopefully sometime in the New Year @WAtvVideos will have an external site of his own in a similar fashion up and running to link here for members to contribute to and preserve well into the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s to many years to come!!


I got my MS birthday present today - an anniversary badge :blush: (perhaps a little later than some as I recall there were a few problems with some people not getting passwords when they first signed up a year ago).

Hope you all got your anniversary badges too!

Happy 1st birthday Media Spy 2.0 - many happy returns and may there be many more birthdays to come!


I remember that I was against moving to this platform since it was a completely different forum experience to the previous forum, but looking back, I’m so happy you guys went ahead with the move.
This forum software is so great.

Can’t wait for the next year of MediaSpy!


Say, did anyone pay that annual hosting bill that was due today? :thinking:


oh shit, I knew there was something I needed to do


Shame you blew the budget on staff incentive payments.

Oh well, it’s been a hell of a run!


So it arrived then, excellent…


This software is much better, I do miss using the tapatalk app though, I don’t like the phone version of this software.