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Well, I quite like it, mobile friendly is a plus, if there is a way to get notifications via an app, all good, but not a priority.

Are the rules about having attractive ladies as an avatar still in place?


Certainly a revolutionary new look.


Just added a few things to my bookmarks on the new forum, anyone know where i can see these saved bookmarks?


Click on your avatar (top right corner) and select bookmarks


@TV.Cynic thanks


Would have appreciated advance notice of the change.

Also would like to see when the most recent message has been published and by whom.


I think it’s the better time to do it during non ratings as well as when the forum seems most quiet.


Did you not receive the documentation via registered post?


LOL. For what possible reason would advance notice have been necessary?


I’m lost atm - is there an option:
A) to not have replies to a post bunched up in a sub-thread that needs to be expanded (ie keep the discussion in a linear fashion) and
B) to multiple quote posts for a reply?



To quote multiple posts in a reply, just highlight the text you want to reply to and click/tap the “quote reply” popup


I love this new format! :grinning:


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I especially love how instead of having to go from sub-forum to sub-forum to see what threads haven’t been read, I can simply visit the categories to catch-up on everything. Saves a lot of time browsing the site


Yeah, makes it far quicker to see the new content. Really, really like it!


Cool, seems to work. Any idea too on whether we can unbunch replies?


They’re not bunched? There’s just an optional threaded view if you don’t want to read the whole thread.


Oh hang on, seems that replies appear in the first post to be replied to, but also appear in the thread itself further down (with a link back to the first post?)


Ha just noticed that and posted. Was this a change from last night or did I just not see properly yesterday?


@FIretorch we’ve been making minor tweaks as we go to resolve issues, but I dont believe that is one we’ve turned on, I’m pretty sure it is a out-of-the-box feature