Welcome to Media Spy 2.0 - Discourse

Welcome to Discourse, which marks the launch of Media Spy 2.0

As you’ll see there are some significant changes to how the site works in comparison to the old forums - below is a list of some of the big changes

Out are Threads and Forums, in come Topics and Categories
Lets keep this simple and get it out of the way early: Threads are now Topics and Categories are now Forums

Markdown is the new language du jour
Markdown is used to compose posts, you’ll see two panes when writing a message - one with just text on the left and the formatted version on the right, while the editor has some basic functions there are lots more that you can use, there is a handy reference guide here

Polls are possible, just make sure you start the topic with “Poll:” and make the list at the top of the first post and the system will do the rest!

Attaching images and other attachments
Simply drag attachments into the post editor and they will upload and be automatically inserted into your post

You can now like posts, a bit like Facebook - don’t abuse it though

Using Flags is the way to report posts to staff that you don’t think are appropriate

Pinned Topics
You can clear pinned topics (for yourself) by reading it


Brilliant. Really nifty having a preview next to where you’re typing. Also being able to highlight the text of a post and having the option to quote it directly, rather than having to quote an entire comment.

It’s an interesting change, but hopefully one which is for the better :slight_smile:


Some still don’t seem to like the new setup (I’m sure they’ll change their mind/ get used to it eventually). Looks really good!

Practice makes perfect. Easy transition, nice presentation. Well done team. But what about the Vault?

I’m looking at the Vault now - in the interim I hope to get it running again

Will Tapatalk support be transferred over to this forum?

You wont need Tapatalk with the new forum - its designed with Mobile use in mind

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Tapatalk doesn’t support the forum software at this time.


So awesome to finally be on a speedy, mobile friendly platform.
Great work team.


Woohoo! :slightly_smiling:
Let’s see how this goes. I’d hope Tapatalk support comes soon (from them of course) because its great getting notifications and being able to watch all your forums at once.

Was surprised to see the change happen so quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’m happy to finally have the username I prefer haha [was previously Nicholaz])

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What is the advantage of having Tapatalk over using the site’s native mobile support?

I’m genuinely curious…

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Hey Admin Team,
Already sick of “nationalnews” hoaring the place with all these un needed topics.
Also, love the new site!

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I’m a member of multiple forums so its just fantastic being able to login in with one account (via Tapatalk) and then be able to quickly switch between forums, instead of having to go to each URL.

Plus it has notifications!

Fair enough. If Tapatalk adds support for Discourse it’s something we can look at.

I think topics should have been started when the need arose, as opposed to creating a whole heap of dummy topics. As far as I know, Discourse does not reward users for post count, only on achieving set Badge requirements.

But I guess this is how the community is handling the change from the old software to Discourse.

Hi David, thank you. Do you mean “unneeded posts” instead of topics.? As for the dummy threads or topics I am sorry and ask admin to fix my initial trials. Have a lovely day, David. :grin:

The new forum is great. Excellent job those involved.

I hope Disney don’t bring legal action but I’ve become Mickey Mouse with discourse.

Love the new media spy. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it :stuck_out_tongue: Great job to all involved. It looks fantastic.