Thanks to Gogglebox another chance to compare watermarks. The 9HD one looks large by comparison. Ten’s watermarked lined up perfectly during Hughesy - just looked more opaque.


New SBS watermark, same font as SBS Food?


HD version





What did NBNs watermark look like during the 06/07 rebrand?


NBN didn’t use a watermark at all (except on their Gold/Central Coast feeds) until Early 2010.

It was also at that time NBN finally adopted an animated PRG in the style of Nine’s at the time, after many years of a static logo/program title/classification graphic.


Wow they must have been one of the last channels to have no watermark.


Last Nine affiliate I believe - Imparja had started using one a few years earlier. I think STW-9 also was watermark free for quite a while after the network introduced one.

Southern Cross in Tasmania was the last one to fall AFAIK, with the rebrand to Seven last year resulting in a watermark on their main channel.


I believe STW got one when WIN took over…


7Tas currently watermark free Wed 9-11pm during Criminal Minds.




Yes, Natalie, I agree. The grand finale should have been on tonight.



So intrusive.