Feb 2016 Promotional Watermarks:


God, those were the worst.




Has the prime watermark become incredibly faint of late?


Yeah it does look fainter than normal tonight.


WIN could learn some lessons from Prime then. :stuck_out_tongue:



Southern Cross 9HD regional lost their HD this afternoon for a while.



And the 7Two one is almost impossible to see.


Very interesting to see this down your way.

In Townsville, we had the HD watermark, then SC9 had the emergency warning ticker scrolling across the bottom of the screen, after it disappeared the HD watermark did not return.

This happened while Extra was airing also.

Interesting that the HD watermark disappeared down south at the same time.


I suspected the two were related.




Triple watermark in tonight’s A-League game on 10Bold. The SD Fox Sports watermark barely covering the HD watermark underneath, both of which are above the 10Bold watermark.


Replay of half time entertainment

Cricket closing


Seven Brisbane continuing problems with watermark

7 HD Brisbane watermark was in the usual spot for Border Security

But then later 7 | Sport was back again

Then later

So the SD channel is now watermark free

However 7 SD Gold Coast not affected

Regional QLD also normal




Nice timing :grin: