Ratings aren’t low enough? Has somebody at Ten put money on the network being beaten in the ratings by SBS sometime this year?


I looked like a technical problem. After the solid PRG the w/m would turn transparent but then become solid again. It’s been fixed now and the transparent 10 has returned.


And it’s back.




Phew dodged a bullet there!




Well to be fair, the 3D logo remained the official logo of the ABC as a whole until last year. The 2D logo was mostly limited to TV and news.


A few from the pre-Discourse era of Media Spy which if it weren’t for WIN’s brickmarks, would probably make it into the Hall of Shame:

It’s also kind of ironic how watermarks with logos/text you couldn’t make out were reasonably common before the rise of MPEG4 HD channels, while they’re quite loud and intrusive now! :confused:

Surely they could’ve stuck another one in the left hand corner?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some of you may or may not remember the days when SBS2 was the multicultural broadcaster’s HD channel on Friday nights for A League coverage. Looking back on it now, this probably inspired the idea of splitting the signal into two HD channels (one for the main channel, the other for what is now SBS VICELAND) in April 2017:

An older one, cap also includes the late Les Murray if I’m not mistaken:

One which likely was only used for Special Coverage and as an “Exclusive” logo on footage from Seven News provided to international broadcasters, wonder if a version of that L3/super could’ve worked (with a font other than Arial of course) during the bulletins though?

…and finally, a reminder of where it (almost) began during regular programming:


Nice trip back to the past there! I really should dig out my old DVR which I believe still has many 2011-2013 recordings and see what i’ve got on there.

I guess that episode of Insight was a flashback episode seeing that the old SBS watermark is in the bottom right corner?


Yeah, I think it was taken from an old episode of Insight that was being replayed. The SBS watermark on the bottom right hand corner of the screen must’ve been burned into the master recording of the program!



An early use of watermarks occurred in 1996 on news coverage of the Port Arthur massacre with especially ABC branding their exclusive footage.

Which resulted in this interesting combination when shown in the US

Nine’s news coverage watermark at the time


Some promotional watermarks from 2013-15:


ABC on ABC… man, that alphabet is beginning to repeat on me.


Some more 2014-15 promotional watermarks from Ten, Nine and 7mate.


Why would Prime7 promote a violent show like The Blacklist during Toy Story?


One wonders if they got many complaints over that one!

While it just about ran on all non-news/current affairs programs for a time in November 2013, Prime7 were at least generous enough (or were legally mandated) to not run the In-Program Promotional Watermark for The Blacklist during their local children’s program “Possum’s Club”.


When did 10 started showing their watermark during ‘The Late Show’? Noticed it appearing in the top right corner tonight instead of the bottom right so it doesn’t cover up CBS’ watermark


Since the re-brand.