Seven News Queensland ‘60 Years’ watermark

Seven News Content and Appearance
Seven News Content and Appearance

A few Canadian channels tonight. ABC Spark, CBC and Comedy.


Couple more Canadian. CHCH and Family.


‘Spark’ would have been a good name for one of the 10 multi’s.


Instead of peach, yes.



I’d go with a Ten Sports Network - or TSN for short.


Great channel for triple episodes of Sex and the City. :joy:


I noticed on ad breaks between the Big Bash league on 7 they have the scores on the top left of the screen to keep viewers updated.
It’s the first time I’ve seen a watermark on during ads in Australia.
Not like on Asian channels where the watermark stays for everything and it’s animated :nauseated_face:


WRC 4 Washington DC when they’re in local breaks during the 6pm news.


For some reason all the videos on the ABC News website still have the old watermark with the 2002 logo (bottom right), even though it’s been four and a half years since ABC1 rebranded to ABC and the 1975 logo was resurrected.

The ABC News watermark is also there in the top left.


probably the only copy available is with the original watermark


Which is odd given the footage was taken yesterday


WWOS.com.au watermark replaced the Wide world of Sports on it.


yet another watermark on the 9now tennis streams, reminds me of a win coverup for some reason.


Weather alerts and affected local events from Dayton, Ohio yesterday.

Every major network affiliate in the market used a similar lower-third at various stages. The NBC affiliate dropped all local graphics during the NFL. Sometimes the network vision was shifted up (as per that NBC example) cutting off the top, or squeezed to an incorrect aspect ratio. The Fox affiliate had a lower-third and squeeze before play and dropped it when the game started. Stations usually kept the graphics up through commercial breaks.



#LongSummer watermark. Taken from The Kimberly cruise


The 10 watermark has been solid all day.

Colours changing every so often.