New variation to above. The “next” Santa changes colour to match the text - in this case pink.




Christmas w/m briefly seen on Fox Cricket


Ten’s w/m was pink for a while tonight following the animated Santa face.


Gold Coast version


That looks C-L-U-N-K-Y


Channel [V]'s Christmas-style watermark :christmas_tree:


The Seven watermark has a christmas hat on it for the BBL. Looks quite good actually.


Even 7mate has the Xmas hat in Perth, and in Brisbane during bbl


I never watch Channel 9 but noticed tonight leading into carols, the watermark includes “nine.com.au”. Is this new?


I think it popped up for a short period last week, then disappeared. Looks like it’s back. Just more unnecessary on-screen clutter in my opinion.
Edit: Now seems to be gone.


I believe @Zampakid and someone brought it up some days back, but yes it is.


Prime’s 7mate watermark is a bit far to the right. Is it like that in metro too?



it comes up during an on-screen pop-up for Nine.com.au (complete with logo) and then turns into a watermark for several minutes.




Am I the only one who finds the ‘Wide World Of Sports’ add-on unnecessary? Something as simple as ‘LIVE’ (I think they used that in 2015) will do. Seven and Ten are not much better with ‘Live and Free’ but at least that tells you something (Nine used to have that too).