That “watermark” makes me wince too, Tim.

We need you to go back to “Tool Time”’ on “Home Improvement” to soup up one of your tools so we can blast them off our screens.



Down here in Newcastle, we are getting the 10 BOLD watermark on WIN, no coverup.


Here’s a cap of the new 10BOLD watermark I captured just now.

I’ll have to go back on my daily archive to see at what point exactly that it switched over from Boss to Bold!


I know they had to quickly change it, and I see the appeal of the 1st two letters being unchanged, but still…
10 B Old?


Do you prefer 10 B young?


10 :b:old



The Carols by Candlelight watermark is quite big for me


That watermark is rather intrusive. I had absolutely no issues with an animated graphic with that flashing every return to program and then fading into a transparent version, perhaps. But that version in its entirety is way too big.


No HD watermark near bottom right of screen next to 7 during the first segment of Better Homes and Gardens. I think that’s due to transition from cricket coverage when HD watermark was on the top right of the screen.


Same on 7HD Sydney.


The HD watermark is back on.


This happens every single time a sport telecast goes into a normal program on 7HD, automatically corrects after first as break.

Been discussed on MS to death I thought.

Something to do with the network script at BCM not being able to shift the HD add-on during program for some reason.


10 Bold watermark during A-Leauge


Here’s how it looks on WIN Bold:


Saturday night A-league has to win the award for the most inconsistent watermark.
It’s different nearly every week on One/Boss/Bold. Doesn’t help that the channel keeps changing names.


I just noticed “nine.com.au” on TCN during Ultimate Airport Dubai but now it’s disappeared.



Ten has a Christmas themed watermark after the ad breaks. Using the new logo features, it looks like Santa Claus and morphs into the 10 logo watermark.