Which is understandable given FOX is via satellite.


For the record


The sharpness of the 7food network watermark is pretty bad. You can’t even make out the word “network”.


7food Network in North QLD:


“7food something…” :shallow_pan_of_food::canned_food:


ABC Me have a christmas hat on top of the watermark.
Special Christmas idents airing too, but that’s a discussion for another topic.


Screencaparoony of ABC ME’s watermark wearing a Santa hat:

I wonder if ABC KIDS also has something festive-themed going on with their watermark? They did when the channel was ABC 4 Kids IIRC?



There wasn’t today but there might be later in the month.


At the start of tonight’s A-League coverage, 10 Boss watermark was near the top right of the screen below Fox Sports watermark. However, during the second half of the match, 10 Boss watermark was at the bottom right corner of the screen, as 10 took Fox Sports’ HD feed.




Very poor picture quality from WIN! Oddly better with the colours though…


I know their SD channels are worse than other networks, but for some reason they come out really bad here. Not sure if it’s my equipment. For clarity (lol), the 10 Boss caps are from Central which is 1920x1080i upscaled.


I thought it started during the first half, rather than “second half”


I was watching Game of Games on 10 then the 1984 NSWRL Grand Final highlights on Fox League, so I missed most of the A-League.





Was just about to post this, the Jan 13 part is way too big in proportion to the Celeb logo.


The ambulance officer looked to be thinking the same way.