Preview of the 7Food w/m


Reacting to the latest ARIA “watermark” - (this one doesn’t disappear after a minute or so)



All Fox Sports channels today have a white ribbon left of watermark to symbolise White Ribbon Day.


So glad they don’t cover the eye anymore.


What do WIN do? Do they cover both the Ten logo and the CBS one, or just Ten?


They just cover the CBS logo like before the relaunch.


Fox Cricket now added “Cricket” to the watermark.


Doh - forgot they get a clean feed of Ten usually, and that it’s the Late Late show on Peach that would have the potential for a double watermark?

Either way that is horrendous.


I actually can’t believe that’s real, even though it is WIN. That is putrid.



Was the Newcastle 500 V8s today, and there were heaps of screens with the race on, most of them had the Supercar in house feed (with their logo in the top right corner - which is basically a stylised letter S).

A couple of pubs had the FOX Sports broadcast, so I didn’t see WIN or Mappy once :smile:


I meant to add that when I got home I managed to catch the end of the race on 10HD, and I saw their HD watermark add on for sport for the first time since the logo change, and it is HUGE. The only saving grace is that it’s not a solid logo.



Should a “LIVE” bug (watermark) be applied to everything that is broadcast LIVE?

Bit confused channel 9 don’t have a LIVE bug up during the Women’s 20twenty Final broadcast.


There no legal requirement to do so. It’s just been a case of monkey see, monkey do.


The location has reappeared on the 7HD QLD Regional service.


Also back on the Gold Coast SD service

BTW - was always present on 72, 73, 76 for 7QLD


No HD bug in regional QLD?


Correct, there’s no HD bug on 7HD in Regional QLD


I was at the Newcastle race on Saturday as well. The Fox Sports telecast was two seconds slower than the in house feed.