Victoria State Election - November 2018


Derryn Hinch and now Steve Barracks have called a ‘Labor Win’

More giant graphics


Sky caps


Nine’s graphics look too convoluted, too much happening on the screen.


Is there ever an ABC election coverage without an Antony Green technical error?


Happened as he made a call on the result as well!


It’s not an election without an Antony technical issue! People tune in for how he handles those just as much as his insight!

He is certainly the most respected out of all the coverages and certainly does a bit of work on his software for everything but it is quite funny with the tech issues every time.



SNoW showing Fox Sports News content rather then developing news - slow clap there


Seven’s ‘tower of power’


ABC’s graphics are top notch. Wonderful work.


51 seats to Labor according to the ABC election calculator


Not sure if anyone has posted Sky Caps yet but here they are




As an outsider observer the entertaining part of the coverage is watching the destruction of the liberal party.


Broadmeadows Hype. Note that is Eddie Mcguire’s Brother.


Labor Won! You heard it here first by me


Have 10 aired any updates tonight?


Yes one, but it was just a standard update


ALP absolutely destroyed the libs. :fire::fire::fire:


Sadly… Now Vic will just spend spend spend :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: