Victoria State Election - November 2018


Sky coverage coming from the new Canberra studios.


Sky’s new Canberra studio is very good with 6 people on the panel.


10 will have a special bulletin at around 9:40pm


ABCs coverage coming from the main foyer at its Southbank facility.


Who’s the dude in glasses with Jennifer Keyte on 10?


Appears to be all in HD tonight too at the ABC.


A former political advisor for the Rudd and Gillard Governments.


Whoops! Regional weather graphic showed briefly on Nine news.

(Actually it may have been the usual TV graphic)


I think viewers will tune-in to the coverage (not much choice as it’s on near,y every main channel) but will be flicking their remotes, epically earlier before settling on one they like.

From what I’ve seen so far, there’s pros/cons of all.

Green always a stellar job for ABC News and it’s their ‘dream of the crop’ political events. Seven News looks sleek and professional, having the usual weekday anchor with Riley and Donohoe plus a few other guests (one certainly polarising). Nine and ABC have opted away from either an anchor and/or just the anchor, with Tony Jones (odd inclusion) added and Michael Rowland, both have their weekend anchors too rather than weekday.


6:30pm Opener for Nine:


Coverage resumes on Seven at 6:30pm


I actually don’t mind Sevens graphics. Better then last elections.
The set is badly executed though. The right side angle looks average and cheap.
You’re not showing off the set well or using angles well.
The backdrop is uninspiring and the front of the desk should have been utilised to its full potential. It’s just got the same basic static crap on it, which a light box could have done… a waste. They should have made the front of the desk more interactive! And used it for results etc.
missed opportunity and poor planning.

I’m liking the full screens and transitions for LIVE crosses. Should adopt it to the normal 7NEWS Bulletin.


Sky seems to have gone off air.


Tamara Oudyn has recently taken over from Ian Henderson as weekday anchor on ABC News Victoria, if that’s who you are talking about.


Apparently the results lower thirds are now known as… Split screen.
Oversized and ridiculously large. Yuck.

They should have put these on the front of the desk! :man_facepalming:t2:


They had a 10+ minute ad-break earlier seemingly due to a technical issue and they just unexpectedly went to another ad-break


Do we have any caps from Sky News?


Some initial thoughts:
*Seven’s results graphics are WAY too big. I quite like their other graphics, but their utilisation of the set is so bland compared to Nine. As mentioned, the right side shot is too dark.
*Tony Jones is irritating me on Nine, saying too much. I’m not a fan of Neil Mitchell either, but he is not annoying me so far
*Andrew Lund is good on Nine, as is Chris Uhlmann.
*Nine’s set looks excellent and I like their fake screen for live crosses as well.


Ahron Young from Sky too busy drinking! As seen in Sevens coverage :joy:


Neil Mitchell about to exit Nine’s coverage due to 3AW commitments .