Victoria State Election - November 2018



A seven news countdown on screen.


ABC News Victorian bulletin at 5:30: Presented by Gemma Veness.

Antony Green ready to go.

Sneak peak of election studio:


Ridiculous for Nine to ‘call’ already when polls haven’t closed.


Seven could’ve done with a female on the main panel. Just watching via 7plus and good they have Kennett and Bracks.


Please welcome… the Grand Slammer!



All three (Seven, Nine and ABC) seem to offer something different. Good productions by all.


Thanks for sharing these grabs guys much appreciated :icecream:


It isn’t a Channel Nine election coverage without some weird animated stunt. They’ve gone for a tennis cross promotion this year!


Seven and Nine are also live on Facebook for interstate members.



Agree. I thought that Jane Garrett was going to be on, maybe later?


Seven couldn’t find a woman for the panel?


Mike Amor taking over Seven’s coverage for the last five or so minutes while Peter Mitchell gets ready for the 6pm News


Looks like 7 struggled to find anyone. 9’s panel is double the size.

Hate saying this, but even though 7’s set looks decent enough. 9 sh*ts all over their rival from what I’ve seen so far.


Jane Garrett was meant to be apart of the coverage according to the synopsis.


10 News First Melbourne


6:00PM - NINE: