Useful stuff for mocks


Newsroom shells (6x)

large big regular small tiny




I don’t suppose anyone has any 1 News stuff?


Has anyone had a 3D warehouse collection of models?


Oh my. Those can be riddled with issues.


what do you need


Anything really. Does TVNZ use an in house font?




Seven News

NBC Nightly News



Seven News


7 National Background


if this is professional then gee whiz, because the splicing is terrible - different audio qualities, bitrates, going between mono and stereo as well as the audio skipping (there’s audio missing)


I was delivered that, Thought it was worth sharing. Take what you can get.


For what they’re worth, (not the best quality) ABC News NSW backdrops


This font is Hurme Geometric Sans 3.


Hey! what font used in Nine’s branding?


Anyone know what fonts Nine use in their weather graphics?


I was able to pull this off a satellite feed to NZ, could be useful to someone sorry the clips are so short


Nine News Illawarra - Backdrop


Came across this might be useful to someone