Useful stuff for mocks


Blank Nine News supers


A good Sydney weather cam


ABC News NSW Backdrop Screen Titlecard:

A “blink and you would’ve missed it” cap during tonight’s bulletin Opener, only on screen for one frame from what I can tell.


These happen every now and then. Good to see you got one in better quality!


Does anyone have any high-quality photos of the Ten Sydney newsroom?


Heres what i found with a bit of googling


Here’s some graphics which may be useful for mocks! :grinning:


Thanks for those. Was hoping to find some shots of the actual newsroom that i could use for a set mock.


The Daily Edition backdrop


Does anyone have any of the current eyewitness news Graphics?



Clean theme from recent Instagram post.


Not sure if this has been posted before but this vimeo account belongs to a Nine graphic artist and has a whole load of clean assets on it.


That’s a brilliant find. He has some clean assets of the current ACA package too!


Anyone have Fox Sports fonts? or font names?


Does anyone have the TVNZ Font?


the TVNZ Font was created in-house by it’s creative team Blacksand. The fonts called Black Sans.

A similar font to it is “Radikal”




Sydney Live Backdrop


Even better you can watch it live here