Useful stuff for mocks


Does anyone have the current Seven News National backdrop used on weekend & early bulletins


Anyone have a downloadable file of the ITV Reem font?


Do you have any from the NSW bulletins? Can never seem to locate the same aerial over the city.


Here you go, bit tacky but worth a try. :slight_smile:


Just like the real thing


Does anyone have the current national background from Seven News?



New Studio 10 logo


Does anyone have a Ten Eyewitness News headline strap (2013-15) graphics? Before the first at five add on?





Thanks so much Abesty.

Also here is the Brisbane Set… Great for chroma key.



Seven News Lower Third HD (PNG)



Does anyone have a blank Headline strap from Nine News’ 2012-14 Package?



What font is used for 7 news’s supas please?


The Gotham font family, though it’s not free unfortunately, but there is a free link somewhere when I recreated the Supers for a School Project a years back, I think I may still have the ZIP file. :+1:


Thanks. I’ve got gotham. Got it a few years ago :slight_smile:


What about newsroom essentials?