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Trump is no super model so he can’t really talk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yet they stay silent about him. It’s a cult.


Yes it is a cult. It’s baffling.

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Is there any reason why Trump is able to get away with so much even though he’s already been indicted (rightfully so) three times already? Any Democrats wouldn’t have lasted the first one yet Trump keeps trumping (pun intended) the odds and astonishingly gets rewarded for it.

If only someone can find him guilty and send him to jail and throw away the keys.

The rest of the Republican Party have become beholden to him because of their crazy base who idolize him. He gave a voice to the racists, fascists and the great unwashed. He’s given them permission to espouse their racist tendencies that were always there. He’s given voice to the uneducated swine and their vile beliefs. It’s so strange. It is actually a cult based on a narcissistic demagogue. If your mainstream republicans who deep down hate him speak out against him then they lose votes. Then you just have the likes of Lindsay Graham who is clearly compromised.

The problem is the Republicans’ base has now shifted so radically from where it was (middle and upper class conservatives) it’s hard to see them ever winning a lot of those voters back. They’re stuck withe the MAGA’s now and have to live with that.

Georgia is currently voting to decide whether to indict Trump on his sore-loser attempt to overturn the election.

You’d think that with a state like Georgia which is almost staunchly red until recently voting to indict the worst president ever that he’s tarnished goods. Somehow he’s probably going to ‘rise from the ashes’ and get more support.

Crazy to think that in 2016, trump supporters were so worked up about Hilary Clinton saving her emails on her private server. Now they are defending all these charges trump has been indicted for. How can people be so oblivious to how brainwashed they are?

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It’s a cult the like of which has never been seen before.

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Certainly not in a modern country that is (at least on paper) a democracy. It’s more like 1930’s Germany in some ways.

The grand jury has decided to go ahead with the indictment.

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I can see the heat on Hunter Biden being turned up if Trump is convicted . (I still think it won’t happen, if he is , it will be over turned by the Supreme Court)

He’s killing Desantis in the polls as his closest challenger - I can see him cruising through the primaries unless there’s a major change.

Here is the interview

🚨#BREAKING: @TuckerCarlson highly anticipated release video with Former President Trump has just been posted on the 𝕏 platform

— R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) August 24, 2023

Love how hard-hitting this interview is going to be :face_vomiting:

This Republican debate is an absolute farce. All of these toothless Republicans who was happy to run against Trump (including Mike Pence and Chris Christie) all raised their hands to support Trump if he’s nominated. Then they just love to talk about abortions, nuclear and coal power, withdrawing support for Ukraine, how to own the left, whilst absolutely talking nothing about cost-of-living or climate change. When you thought it was not going to get worse we have that orange blowhard Trump having a love in with Tucker.

Any of these loonies running for Republican nomination will be disastrous for America, but somehow it seems that all this noise and no substance seems to be cutting through. Maybe Biden might have to pull a Bradbury and let these guys cancel each other out in 2024 otherwise we’re all f-ed.


They’re an essentially unserious party without any substantial policy position other than “what about hinter Biden”. Hunter Biden is not the president nor is he running for president so not sure what it’s all about.

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This exaggeration is simply untrue.
There’s barely anything on which I align with the GOP -but pretending they have no policy is simply wrong.

Yes they do have policies. All of which are reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy, only rebranded in 21st century terms.

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But they’re running on no policy platform at all. They’re fundamentally unserious. Their alleged policy platform is all grievance based. Eg. “Stop the woke”- wtf does that even mean and how does it improve the lives of citizens. Another alleged policy - “more guns” as a response to mass shootings. And there’s also something about abortion which again is deeply unpopular. They’ve spent the current term of congress on bizarre congressional hearings that day after day they continually embarrass themselves.

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