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###USA Votes: Presidential Debate

Tuesday 27 September from 11am-1pm (AEST) on ABC News 24 & iview

US presidential candidates Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump go head to head in the much-anticipated first US presidential debate on Tuesday September 27.

The event will be broadcast live from Hempstead, New York from 11am-1pm (AEST) on ABC News 24 and iview.

It will also be live-streamed at:

The debate will cover three topics: America’s direction, achieving prosperity and securing America.

John Barron, host of Planet America and ABC News 24 presenter Joe O’Brien will host a live discussion panel after the debate, featuring expert analysis from commentators who will fill in the gaps around what was, or was not, said by the candidates.

On debate day, follow the live blog coverage online with updates and analysis at to help make sense of the developments of the day. For all the latest news and features on the campaign trail and election special coverage go to the ABC News’ US Election website.

ABC News 24 is Australia’s home for the US election and will broadcast live all of the presidential and vice presidential debates over the coming weeks, including:

USA Votes: Vice Presidential Debate - Wednesday October 5 from 12-2pm (AEDT)
Live from Farmville, Virginia the US Vice Presidential debate between the Democrat Senator Tim Kaine and Republican Governor Mike Pence.

USA Votes: Presidential Debate - Monday October 10 from 12-2pm (AEDT)
Live from St Louis, Missouri the second US Presidential Debate of the campaign with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

USA Votes: Presidential Debate - Thursday October 20 from 12-2pm (AEDT)
Live from Las Vegas, Nevada, the third and final US Presidential Debate of the campaign with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

And don’t miss, Planet America every Friday night at 9pm AEST on ABC News 24.

Campaign insiders, top reporters and pundits join the ABC’s John Barron and The Chasers Chas Licciardello on Planet America each week for a unique take on the race to the White House. It’s essential viewing for political junkies or those just trying to work out what on earth is going on in the US election.


Tuesday 27 September at 11.00 am AEST

Seven Morning News Special: US Election Debate

Live Coverage of the 2016 Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


If Seven is offering live coverage surely Nine is going to as well. Amazing that we are going to have 3 out of the 5 FTA networks showing it live.

If I remember correctly, Nine had live coverage of the 2012 US Presidential Election so I’d expect them to do the same this year.

SBS also aired some sort of coverage in 2012, however I suspect that they probably won’t this year due to budget cuts or something like that. As for Ten, it probably goes without saying that we shouldn’t expect any additional coverage outside of the 5pm bulletins (as was the case in 2012) especially when they can’t even do proper coverage of Australian Federal Elections anymore.


Ten had live coverage of Obama’s inauguration in January 2009, which was a rebroadcast from CBS News with no Australian input. They could easily do a similar coverage for little cost.


It really doesn’t take very much to provide US election coverage - just switch to a CNN, CBS or ABC etc feed which is mainly what has been done before.

Sky News will also show the presidential debates live.

That’s a given. Trump is the biggest story of the year.

On a related note, we’re all most likely fucked.


The EPG is showing it on ABC News 24, SBS and Seven. Not on Nine yet.

I just dont understand why the Australian public has an interest in the election of an American president. I could understand the English prime minister more… Even I have an interest and I just dont understand why. Probably due to my interest in politics.

This time around it’s all about the spectacle of it all because of the 2 candidates they’ve ended up with over there. No other reason IMO. In '08 it was because of the story, smack in the middle of the GFC and the history in the making hype surrounding Obama getting the presidency.

If networks start airing the GOP/DNC primaries debates here, then it’ll be weird.


It is the contest to elect the “leader of the free world”.


Israel and India can be considered part of the ‘free world’ but I dont see so much dedication when it comes to their elections. Theres probably only a handful of Australians who could name their leaders.

Yea no one cares about India or Israel


Did you read TV Cynic’s post? He said leader of the free world.

America’s elections very much shape the world’s political climate


I have to admit I have zero interest in American politics and like you find much more relevance in say UK politics.

However, as a once off, I think this debate will be decent entertainment…or there is at least the prospect of some entertainment. Considering the shit networks usually fill their schedules with, I think broadcasting this makes sense.

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I did. I took leader to mean trump or clinton. Free World to mean non communist country. Hence the reason I stated two other countries. Technically Malcolm Turnball is leader of the free world. But I understand what you are saying.

Im not douting that it wont be an interesting debate and of course we have interest in it. I just wonder why we have more interest in American politics (even back when Obama was elected) than any other countries.[quote=“OnAir, post:16, topic:1886”]
America’s elections very much shape the world’s political climate

I understand that. But considering we use English cases in our common law system and still use parts of the Westminster tradition wouldnt the UK political agendas this year have more relevance?

I did say “the” leader of the free world not “a” leader.

There is a long history of interest in US presidential elections with the results night for all this century being broadcast here on TV. The famous “hanging chad” election of 2000 was at the top of the news bulletins here for days. Unfortunately because of the premature forecasting mistakes that TV networks in the US made during that election, they will no longer call any state (or election) until after the polls close. So unlike here, they won’t extrapolate the results based on partial counts.

Yes I understand that now. I guess the point I am getting, and kind of hoped someone would pick up on, is I believe the media and in alliance with the government want us to believe American politics as being more important. I believe a lot of views and thoughts are based on what a government wants us to believe not what we should believe. Why do certain events have more relevance than another? I guess I have been question recently whether we are really in a democracy at all. And whether, infact, we are in a dictatorship that is cleverly disguised.