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Can’t we just invade the US to protect them from themselves?

In a sense I’m kind of glad DeSanctimonious has announced America’s worst kept secret. Watching the five star turd and orange fatso going at each other and fighting tooth and nail for Republican nomination would be hilarious but depressing to watch at the same time.

Maybe they should consider having a 3-way contest: Biden, Trump and DeSantis. The latter 2 will split the conservative vote and Biden wins again! Then everybody wins (except Trumpty dumpty, DeSanctamonious and old fart Rupert of course).


I still think that if Trump ends up somehow getting the Republican nomination that Liz Cheney will run as an independent in order to split enough off the Republican vote to ensure he loses the election.

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I’d like for that to happen although unfortunately even if she does get up she’s gonna get absolutely crucified by Trump and his morons as well as at the polls.

My best wish would be for Trump to end up in jail before he could even start campaigning.


Oh yeah there’s no way she’d win and she would get crucified, but it would probably be enough to ensure the Democrats win. I think her only goal these days is to keep Trump and his ilk out.

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Yes but I don’t think Liz is the one to do it as much as she is doing the right thing by standing up against Trump and the extreme right.

I think that if DeSantis got his way and secured republican nomination Trump might go and spinoff his own little fringe party and that’s probably a decent-ish outcome in that it will definitely split the vote between the extreme right and the far extreme right and help the democrats win. But then what would I know?

Maybe we need to take @ElCapitanCranky’s advice and just invade America :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m right. :rofl:

In all seriousness, the Yanks need to realise that they have a butterfly effect on who they vote for. They pick one dickhead, we all suffer.

Yeah I just don’t see Trump doing this if DeSantis gets the nomination. As insane as he is, Trump would realise he wouldn’t win as an independent and wouldn’t want the humiliation of defeat, so he’d withdraw and just snipe from the sidelines.

Because we don’t agree with the way they’ve exercised democracy?

A lot can be said for the quality of our leaders (not just here, or in the US but across the world) - rather then dealing with the effect, how about we look at the cause instead?

Trump is clearly popular - thanks in part to a series of wonderful, yet completely meaningless slogans like “Make American great again” and “Drain the swamp”, this suggests in part that perhaps there is a desire for change in the US and people naively see Trump as being able to deliver that when the reality is that his interest in both is purely to extend his self-interest.

The alternative running basically on a platform of “Well we’re not Trump” which is only going to have limited cut-through in a country where you actually have to put significant effort into getting people to the ballot box. You can not be Trump and still be shit.

Until there is a reset, the focus will remain on an incredibly small (almost subset) of issues to the significant detriment of the remainder of what are some considerable issues that the US faces.

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It’s pretty sad when Pence seems like a better option… The guy is one of those conservative religious nuts though. The bar is now set so low that anyone who wouldn’t incite a mob to overthrow the government is looking good…

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